Diehard Jays fan bets against team for value, Master Class picks go 6-2 with heartbreaking loss, funny outfit story

A diehard Jays fan feels sick but bets on Minnesota for their value. Master Class picks go 6-2 with a heartbreaking loss. Funny outfit story.

00:00:00 Feeling sick as a DieHard Jays fan, but I gave Minnesota to win the series and game. Need them to win tomorrow for a free pick. Emotions aside, I had to bet on Minnesota for their value.

😷 The speaker feels sick about today's free pick because they are a DieHard Jays fan and didn't watch the game.

📈 As a professional sports bettor, they have to put emotion aside and choose teams that have value.

🤝 They need Minnesota to win tomorrow or the next day to complete their free pick.

00:01:03 In today's video, our Master Class picks went 6-2, with a heartbreaking loss in the English Premier League. Also, a funny story about my outfit while watching playoff baseball.

📚 The speaker mentions their recent performance in the Master Class, with a record of six wins and two losses.

They discuss a heartbreaker loss in the English Premier League, where they had placed a bet on the under.

👖👞 The speaker shares a funny anecdote about their attire while watching playoff baseball, wearing track pants and Italian loafers.

00:02:10 A video discussing strong negative emotions related to today's Free Pick.

⭐️ The video discusses the author's negative experience with a free pick.

Summary of a video "I feel so SICK about today’s Free Pick!" by Bender Wins Sports Betting on YouTube.

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