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ChatTube allows you to chat with YouTube videos in real-time using AI - ask questions, get summaries, pinpoint key points, translate content, and so much more!

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Discover the depths of YouTube

Gain a more immersive and insightful experience when watching YouTube videos.

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Personalized conversations for every passion

Engaging, immersive, and insightful – our AI chatbot transforms the way you discover and enjoy a diverse range of YouTube topics.

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Educators and Students

Amplify your learning experience through AI-assisted discussions tailored to explore educational content and subjects.

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Tech and Gadget Enthusiasts

Stay up-to-date on the latest tech developments with AI-generated discussions focused on product reviews, tutorials, and comparisons.

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Content Creators

Spark your creativity with AI-generated dialogues, deepening your understanding of video trends and inspiring your next YouTube project.

Experience enhanced chatting with ChatTube

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Discover your perfect plan

Browse through our various options and find the plan that fits you best.

ChatTube logoEssential

$4.99/ month

Perfect for moderate usage, offering substantial daily access to video chats.

  • 30 videos per day
  • 30 messages per video
  • Process videos without transcripts (up to 30 minutes each)
  • Priority email support
  • Priority access to new features

ChatTube logoGrowth

$9.99/ month

Unlock greater possibilities with expanded video chats and messaging capabilities.

  • 100 videos per day
  • 100 messages per video
  • Process videos without transcripts (up to 45 minutes each)
  • Priority email support
  • Priority access to new features

ChatTube logoPro

$14.99/ month

Open the door to infinite interactions with all-day, every-video chat access.

  • Unlimited videos per day
  • Unlimited messages per video
  • Process videos without transcripts (up to one hour each)
  • Priority email support
  • Priority access to new features

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • Are there any limitations on the number of videos I can converse with on ChatTube?

      New registrants are limited to 3 videos per day, which resets every day. Essential plan users can converse with up to 30 videos per day, while Pro plan users enjoy unlimited video conversations.

    • Can it work with videos without transcripts?

      Yes! With version v1.7.0, we have introduced support for videos without transcripts, making video conversations smoother than ever.

    • Does this include content from the comment section?

      No, but this feature is on our roadmap.

    • Can I view my history?

      Yes, all chat records are saved so you can continue the conversation when you return to the video. We have also added a video history feature to facilitate users in reviewing previously chatted videos.

    • Is it actively maintained?

      Yes, we listen to user needs and diligently refine our product. When you give us your feedback, please give us some time, and we will fulfill it.

    • Does it support other browsers?

      Currently, our extension supports Chromium-based browsers. If you are using Firefox, Safari, or other browsers, you can use our web version.

    • Does it support multiple languages?

      Yes, you can click on the settings icon in the top bar and select your preferred chat language. This way, it will prioritize this language during chat.

    • Can I make suggestions?

      Absolutely! We welcome suggestions. For new users, we offer a one-month free trial of the Essential plan. You can submit your suggestions through to avail the offer.

    • How does the AI chatbot generate conversations based on YouTube videos?

      Our AI chatbot uses ChatGPT to analyze video content and generate personalized discussions that align with the video's subject and themes.