Chat with any YouTube video

ChatTube is a Chrome extension that allows you to chat with YouTube Videos in real-time using AI while watching - ask questions, get summaries, pinpoint key points, translate content, and so much more!

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Interact with Any YouTube Video

Harness the power of AI to receive instant, accurate responses for your questions, enhancing your learning and entertainment experience.

Personalized Conversations for Every Passion

Engaging, immersive, and insightful – our AI chatbot transforms the way you discover and enjoy a diverse range of YouTube topics.

  • Tech and Gadget Enthusiasts

    Stay up-to-date on the latest tech developments with AI-generated discussions focused on product reviews, tutorials, and comparisons.

  • Fitness and Health Followers

    Improve your wellness journey with AI-supported conversations discussing fitness routines, nutrition tips, and more in health-focused videos.

  • Travel and Adventure Seekers

    Explore the world through AI-enhanced chats, discussing shared experiences and unique aspects of different destinations in travel vlogs.

  • Educators and Students

    Amplify your learning experience through AI-assisted discussions tailored to explore educational content and subjects.

  • Content Creators

    Spark your creativity with AI-generated dialogues, deepening your understanding of video trends and inspiring your next YouTube project.

  • Art and Craft Admirers

    Enhance your artistic prowess by engaging in AI-powered chats on techniques, styles, and creative inspirations from art and craft videos.

Embark on a Chatbot Adventure

Experience seamless AI-generated dialogues that elevate your YouTube adventure. Try our chatbot for free and unlock a world of intelligent conversations!

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • How does the AI chatbot generate conversations based on YouTube videos?

      Our AI chatbot uses ChatGPT to analyze video content and generate personalized discussions that align with the video's subject and themes.

    • Does the app support multiple languages?

      Currently, our app supports English, but we are actively working to offer additional language support in the future.

    • How can I provide feedback or report bugs/issues within the app?

      Feel free to use the "Contact" option in the app menu to report any bugs or provide feedback. We value your input and constantly strive to improve our app based on user experiences.

    • Can I connect with other users using the AI chatbot?

      Our app currently focuses on providing personalized, AI-generated dialogues for individual users based on YouTube content and does not facilitate interactions between users.

    • How often is the AI chatbot updated with new features or improvements?

      We continuously work on updates and improvements to our AI chatbot, ensuring it delivers the best possible experience for our users. Updates are released frequently to incorporate new features and enhancements.

    • Will the app work with any YouTube video?

      Our AI chatbot is designed to analyze and generate conversations based on a wide range of YouTube videos, including various niches and topics. However, certain specific videos without transcripts might not be fully supported.

    • Is it possible to customize the AI chatbot's responses to better match my preferences?

      Yes, we continually work on refining our AI algorithms to adapt to user preferences and provide a more personalized experience, hence learning from user interactions to tailor future responses better.

    • Can I access chatbot conversations for videos I previously watched?

      Yes, the app keeps a history of your past conversations for easy access, so you can revisit chatbot interactions for previously watched videos.

    • Are there any limits to the number of videos or chats I can have with the AI chatbot?

      Yes, during the free trial, you can engage in conversations with the AI chatbot for up to 5 YouTube videos per day. This limit resets daily. We plan to introduce a premium plan in the future that will allow unlimited use.