Week 4 Fantasy Football: Trade Targets and Buy Low Opportunities

Discover trade targets and buy low opportunities for Week 4 in Fantasy Football.

00:00:00 Trade for Miles Sanders, Jacoby Myers, and Save Flowers in Week 4 Fantasy Football. Strong usage and potential for high scores against weak defenses.

⭐️ Now is the perfect time to trade in fantasy football.

Miles Sanders is a running back worth acquiring.

Jacoby Myers is a veteran-wide receiver with strong usage.

Save Flowers is a rookie worth considering in trades.

00:02:35 Week 4 Fantasy Football: Trade targets include Zay Flowers and DJ Moore, while David Montgomery remains a strong Buy Low option.

Zay Flowers is becoming Lamar Jackson's favorite target with an increasing target share each week.

DJ Moore's value is low due to his struggling quarterback, but his upcoming matchups make him a great buy low option.

David Montgomery remains a strong buy low option in fantasy football.

00:04:59 Discover why you should trade for David Montgomery and Ramon Stevenson in fantasy football, despite their recent performances. Their value is low, making it a great opportunity to buy low on these players.

⭐ David Montgomery is a valuable player to trade for due to his high usage and potential return from injury.

πŸ”₯ Ramandre Stevenson's usage has decreased in week three, making him a potential buy low candidate in fantasy football.

🏈 Despite upcoming challenging matchups, Zeke's pass-catching ability makes him a reliable option in fantasy football.

00:07:28 Trade for Jerry Judy and Michael Pittman in fantasy football. Judy is seeing good usage and targets, especially with a weak defense. Pittman has elite usage and easy catches, just needs touchdowns. Both players have favorable matchups.

⭐️ Jerry Judy, despite not being fully healthy, has been seeing good usage and is expected to have consistent targets throughout the season.

πŸ”₯ Michael Pittman has been consistently performing well, with elite usage and catchable targets. He is a top 10 receiver and a valuable trade target.

πŸ“ˆ The fantasy blueprint offers comprehensive tools and information for fantasy football, including waiver wires, rankings, projections, and game notes.

00:09:50 12 Players You Must Trade for Immediately | Week 4 Fantasy Football

πŸ“ˆ Elijah Moore of the Cleveland Browns is a Buy Low candidate and has been performing well in terms of usage and catch rate.

🏈 Jordan Addison, a rookie wide receiver for the Vikings, has been getting more playing time due to the team's high passing volume.

⚑️ Despite some initial struggles, Deshaun Watson has shown improvement in Week 3 and could provide good support for Elijah Moore.

00:12:12 Trade for players with high upside, like Ridley and Waller, who have temporarily underperformed due to injury and tough matchups. Don't miss out on their potential.

Trade for Player A before he overtakes Player B and earns more targets.

Player C has been slowing down in performance due to decreased route rate and missed opportunities, but has potential to bounce back.

Player D is an elite player who has faced tough matchups, but still holds value for the rest of the season.

00:14:21 12 Players You Must Trade for Immediately | Week 4 Fantasy Football: Waller's usage suggests he's a top tight end, Waddle has potential, and consider trading Wilson.

🏈 Waller is still a top five tight end in usage and has favorable matchups coming up.

πŸ“‰ Jalen Waddle's production has been lower than expected, making him a potential buy low option.

πŸ”„ Consider trading away players like Wilson for equal value due to their draft position.

00:16:37 12 players to trade for immediately in Week 4 fantasy football. Includes recommendations on players to trade away and potential trade targets with high value.

🏈 Devon a Chain's consistent performance makes him valuable to trade for.

⭐️ Kyron Williams is worth keeping, while Josh Kelly's value is dropping.

πŸ’° Jerome Ford and Kareem Hunt could be traded for high value.

00:18:50 Learn which players to trade for in Week 4 Fantasy Football and how to improve your team through the waiver wire.

πŸ“ˆ Trade for players with favorable matchups or potential breakout performances in week 4.

πŸ“’ Utilize the waiver wire to improve your team's performance.

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