Automating Client Conversion: The Three by Three Method

Learn the three by three method of follow-up to close 70X more clients than your competitors. Automate your sales process with Deal Engine for increased conversion rates.

00:00:02 Learn how to automate your client conversion process and close 70 times more clients than your competitors, as explained by Dan Henry and Laurel Portie. Discover the importance of follow-up, the power of being proactive, and how to implement an effective automated system.

🎯 The video discusses the importance of having an automated system to scale conversations and convert leads into sales.

💼 The speaker, Dan Henry, emphasizes the principle of 'being about it' and shares a personal story to highlight the importance of personal development and becoming the type of person who takes action.

💰 Dan Henry introduces an automated follow-up system that has greatly increased sales for businesses, emphasizing the need to follow up consistently and offering a script to improve conversion rates on sales calls.

00:16:00 Learn how to close 70X more clients than your competitors by using the three by three method of follow-up. The key is to have multiple touchpoints with prospects through phone calls, SMS texts, and emails for three consecutive days. Follow-up is crucial as 70% of sales are made on follow-up after the 7th to 8th contact.

📞💬📧 The three by three method of follow-up: making one phone call, sending one SMS text, and sending one email to prospects for three consecutive days resulted in 70 sales compared to zero sales with only one contact.

💣💣 The value bomb and the Phantom bomb strategies: using a valuable achievement or result as a post on social media to generate comments and engagement, and then using the PCO script to sell to those who commented.

💬💰 Conversations are key: having a conversation with prospects and using the PCO script to sell can be more effective than using complicated marketing funnels or strategies.

00:31:57 Learn how to close 70X more clients than your competitors by using the PCO script and effectively identifying and solving your potential clients' problems and costs.

Using the PCO script to engage potential clients and identify their problems and costs.

💰 Quantifying the cost of the identified problems to emphasize the value of solving them.

⚙️ Implementing systems and automation to scale the sales process.

00:47:53 Dan Henry and Laurel Portie discuss the importance of having a system in place to generate more clients and increase sales. They demonstrate their own system, Deal Engine, which includes automations, follow-up sequences, and AI appointment setting. The system helps businesses generate and manage leads more effectively, leading to greater success.

📚 Having a system in place is crucial for business success, as relying solely on talent will limit growth.

💰 Improving the system and increasing sales from it is how to make money, not by solely focusing on lowering ad costs.

📞 Effective follow-up is essential for increasing sales and converting leads into customers.

01:03:48 Learn how to close more clients with Dan Henry and Laurel Portie. They offer a full done-for-you setup, including writing your book a call sequence and one year of follow-up emails and SMS. Additional features include a sales CRM, power dialer, task calendar management, and full analytics. Book a call for a demo and earn commissions through their affiliate program.

The video emphasizes the offer of a full done-for-you setup, including writing a book a call sequence, email and SMS follow-up sequences, and an AI appointment setting bot.

The software also provides additional features such as a full sales CRM, task and calendar management, analytics and KPI tracking, a marketing suite with a funnel builder and email marketing, membership sites, and affiliate programs.

There is an affiliate program available where individuals can earn commissions by referring others to the software, with the potential to earn significant passive income.

01:19:43 Learn how to close 70X more clients than your competitors with Dan Henry and Laurel Portie. Find out how they stay in front of their audience and the benefits of using their custom templates and automations.

🔑 Using strategic templates and custom-made content, Dan and Laurel share their expertise on closing 70X more clients than competitors.

💰 Stay in front of your audience consistently for years to build a successful membership and attract loyal followers.

⚡️ Deal Engine offers custom SMS and email automation sequences, with referral benefits and a high touch service approach.

01:35:39 Dan Henry And Laurel Portie shared insights on using Deal Engine to automate sales processes and increase client conversion rates.

📊 Automating form entries into a CRM can save time and streamline processes.

💰 Using a Deal Engine can help generate more sales and increase revenue.

🏗️ Deal Engine offers setup assistance and training for users.

📉 Mastery of basic sales techniques is crucial before diving into more advanced strategies.

📝 Phantom offers can gauge audience interest and generate leads for future sales.

📚 Personal mentorship from successful entrepreneurs can be valuable in learning and growing.

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