Mastering the Short Game: Breaking 90 in Golf

Learn how to strategically navigate a golf course under 170 yards and break 90 by focusing on accuracy and shot strategy.

00:00:00 Learn how to break 90 by strategically choosing clubs and plotting your way around the course. Manage the game and focus on accuracy rather than distance.

🏌️ You can break 90 in golf without hitting the ball more than 170 yards by using the right clubs and strategic thinking.

🔍 Focus on playing to the middle to back distance of the green to avoid falling short and aim for the back edge of every green.

Course management, choosing the right shots, and making confident putts are key to breaking 90 in golf.

00:05:42 Learn step-by-step how to break 90 in golf with tips on club selection and shot strategy. Improve your game and score lower with trust in the system.

Using Swing tweaks to improve your golf swing and break 90.

Recommendation of a mini driver for easier and reliable shots.

The importance of trusting the system and playing strategically.

00:11:34 Learn how to strategically navigate a golf course under 170 yards. Avoid hazards and bunkers, aim for the safety of the left side, and focus on pitching the ball to land and roll.

⛳️ Always avoid hazards and bunkers and aim for a safe area on the course.

🏌️‍♂️ Adjust your club selection based on the distance and wind conditions to improve accuracy.

🏖️ When faced with a challenging shot, go for a safer option that avoids potential trouble.

00:17:17 Learn how to navigate various considerations like lie, elevation, wind, and grass contours to break 90 in golf and improve your game.

🏌️‍♂️ Understanding factors like lie, elevation, wind, and temperature is crucial in golf.

🏞️ Adapting to the environment and making necessary adjustments will help improve your golf game.

Reading the contours of the green and understanding difficult shots is a key skill in golf.

00:23:03 Learn how to navigate a golf course and break 90 by strategically playing shots that fit your shot shape and avoiding risky shots.

🏌️‍♂️ The importance of playing a relaxed and comfortable shot to stay in play and make a par, rather than trying to hit a long shot.

🏞️ The significance of assessing the environment, including distances and shot conditions, to make strategic decisions on club selection and shot placement.

The advice to focus on shot shape and not try to hit the golf ball too hard in order to break the barrier of scoring below 90.

00:28:45 Learn how to break 90 step by step in this golf tutorial. Avoid water hazards by hitting to the back edge and carry them with a mediocre strike. Improve your chipping and putting to score better.

🏌️ Focus on hitting the back edge of the green to ensure clearing the water hazard and avoid sucker pins.

Experiment with tee height to find what works best for your shots and ball flight preferences.

🏞️ Clear your mind of water hazards by focusing on targets further away and building confidence through practice.

00:34:27 Learn how to navigate tricky chip shots and improve your chances of breaking 90 in golf. Understand the slopes, aim for 4-6 feet from the pin, and use an open-face technique. Strategize your course, avoid hazards, and focus on stress-free shots for success.

Understanding the difficulty of a chip shot and aiming for a result of 4-5 feet is ideal.

When facing a long par four, strategically aiming to stay short of bunkers and pitching onto the green can help avoid double chipping and improve overall score.

By focusing on stress-free shots, avoiding hazards, and planning each shot carefully, it is possible to break 90 in golf.

Summary of a video "How to Break 90 Step by Step Less than 170 Yards" by Golf Sidekick on YouTube.

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