WhatsApp Bot with Evolution API and Typebot: Features and Integration

A YouTube video showcasing the capabilities of a WhatsApp bot created using Evolution API and Typebot, including menu options, analytics, and integration with other platforms.

00:00:02 A YouTube video about creating a WhatsApp bot with the Evolution API and Typebot is presented. The video showcases the new features and demonstrates how to set up and use the bot. It also mentions a feedback survey and a way to support the developers.

🤖 The video introduces the version 1.5 of the Evolution API for WhatsApp, which includes new features and integrations with Typebot and Google Sheets.

🔥 The presenter explains how to set up the integration with Typebot and demonstrates a chatbot flow that collects information and interacts with users through WhatsApp.

⚙️ The video also showcases the Instance Manager, a tool created by Davidson in App Smith, which allows users to manage and create instances of the Evolution API.

00:21:51 Create a bot for WhatsApp using Evolution API and Typebot. Learn how to automatically retrieve the name of the person who contacts you and customize the chat flow based on their input.

🤖 The video demonstrates how to use the Evolution API and Typebot to create a bot for WhatsApp.

📱 By utilizing the API, it is possible to retrieve the name of a contact and use it as a variable in Typebot.

🔌 The transcript also highlights the ability to integrate Typebot with other applications, such as Chat Tool, and transfer tickets for personalized support.

00:43:39 A concise summary of the YouTube video: 'Bot para WhatsApp com Evolution API e Typebot'. The video discusses the capabilities of using a bot for WhatsApp, including integration with Evolution API and Typebot. It highlights features such as menu options, analytics, and integration with other platforms. The video also mentions the ability to capture customer data and use it in the bot flow.

📚 The video introduces a new bot called Typebot for WhatsApp, which allows for digital messaging, sending images and videos, and options for text formatting.

⚙️ The bot offers various features for automation, such as triage, transfer to an attendant, and integration with Google Sheets for data recording and analysis.

💡 The Typebot API enables access to external APIs, allowing for interactions with other platforms, such as retrieving data for payments or tracking shipments.

01:05:27 Bot para WhatsApp with Evolution API and Typebot allows for personalized chatbot flows, pausing and transferring conversations, and integrating with other tools.

🤖 The video discusses the integration of the Typebot with WhatsApp using the Evolution API, allowing for personalized and automated customer service.

💡 The Typebot can be programmed to close or transfer chats based on specific triggers, and it can even pause and resume conversations with the option for the agent to take over.

🔧 The integration required additional implementation in the Evolution API, but it provides a seamless connection between the Typebot and WhatsApp, offering various possibilities for customization.

01:27:17 Create a WhatsApp bot using Evolution API and Typebot. Discusses message response features and the use of websockets for communication, avoiding potential issues with web hooks. Highlights the ability to save variables within the bot.

The Evolution API project was created to provide free messaging response features and faced criticism from individuals selling similar services.

There have been instances where people in groups selling solutions have reacted negatively when someone mentions the Evolution API.

The Typebot chatbot tool offers the ability to communicate via websockets, replacing the traditional HTTP communication method.

01:49:04 Create a WhatsApp bot using Evolution API and Typebot. Learn how to implement it easily and customize it to fit your needs. Stay updated with the latest features and enjoy the convenience of the app.

📊 The video discusses the use of a bot for WhatsApp with Evolution API and Typebot, emphasizing its simplicity and ease of implementation.

🔧 The bot allows for customization and offers features such as group monitoring, data collection, and word cloud generation.

🆙 The video also mentions the upcoming release of updates, including Typebot configuration and integration with Skynet, to ensure a continuously updated and comprehensive system.

02:10:52 The video discusses the use of a bot for WhatsApp with Evolution API and Typebot. The speakers highlight the benefits of using the bot to engage with the audience and manage messages by time periods. They also mention the possibility of creating a dashboard for managing resources and the potential for offering paid services in the future. The video emphasizes the ease of use and the advantages of integrating with Evolution API. The speakers express their gratitude to the participants and encourage sharing and feedback.

📱 WhatsApp Stories are highly consumed by users, making it a valuable platform for campaigns and content creation.

👋 There is a possibility of implementing greetings based on the time of day and altering message flows by time periods.

💼 The Evolution API allows for the sending of simple text, text with URLs, images, videos, and audio statuses on WhatsApp.

Summary of a video "Bot para WhatsApp com Evolution API e Typebot" by Evolution API on YouTube.

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