Next.js App Router: A Powerful Tool for Web Development

Review of Next.js App Router after 6 months in production, discussing its features and challenges.

00:00:00 The Next.js App Router is a new framework that overhauled the routing system, improving productivity and performance. It simplifies data fetching and component composition, making it easier to build and maintain projects. The review discusses the good, the bad, and the ugly of the app router.

✨ Next.js overhauled their routing system to be the first heavy user of server components.

⚡️ The new Next.js app router improves productivity and simplifies the architecture of projects.

🔄 The new model allows components to fetch their own data on the server and cache it for efficient rendering.

00:02:22 A review of the Next.js App Router after six months in production, discussing its composability and powerful features for mounting server components as children of client components.

Next.js App Router allows for faster content rendering and a better development experience by deduping requests and enabling server-side mounting of components.

Server components can be mounted as children of client components, allowing for powerful composition without access to the client-side context.

The new model in Next.js provides simpler and more reliable solutions, with a wider surface of features that are easier to use and less prone to errors.

00:04:42 Next.js App Router provides a simpler and improved experience for file-based routing and loading/streaming. It allows for efficient rendering of different SVG backgrounds for cards without increasing JavaScript bundle size. The use of client and server components may be confusing, but they enhance interactivity.

🔑 The new model in Next.js App Router simplifies component encoding and provides a better overall experience.

⏩ Loading and streaming are improved in the new model, allowing for better user experiences.

📦 The use of client and server in Next.js App Router allows for selective loading of JavaScript and improves performance.

🔌 The use of server components in Next.js App Router reduces the need to load unnecessary data in JavaScript bundles.

🚫 The term 'use client' in Next.js App Router is misleading and could be better named as 'use interactive.'

00:07:04 A review of Next.js App Router after six months in production, discussing component interactivity, async components, use transition hook, compatibility with old methods, and the challenges of server components integration.

💡 Using the 'useClient' function in Next.js App Router signifies the need for JavaScript and interactivity in a component.

⚠️ Async components in Next.js App Router can be problematic, and it is recommended to avoid using them for now.

🔄 App Router in Next.js includes a new hook called 'useTransition' for easier navigation experiences.

⚙️ Compatibility issues arise with server components in Next.js App Router, affecting the integration of libraries like React Query.

00:09:24 A review of the Next.js App Router after six months of use. Discusses the benefits of using the router and file-based routing. Also touches on cold starts and their impact on user experience.

📚 Using Next.js App Router as a better router for managing components and rendering

🗂️ Challenges with file-based routing and the benefits of a more organized syntax

⏳ The impact of cold starts on user experience and the limitations of server-side props

00:11:44 Next.js App Router provides incredible performance, but suffers from poor developer server performance. In addition, there are issues with branding and lack of clarity around boundaries.

📚 The performance of the Next.js App Router is highly praised, resulting in incredible performance and snappy user experience.

🔧 However, the developer server performance in Dev mode is currently lacking, especially on less powerful machines, which causes delays and hinders productivity.

👥 There are also concerns about the lack of clarity and branding issues around the new app router, causing confusion for users upgrading to newer versions of Next.js.

00:14:03 Next.js App Router: A New Vision for Web Development Using React. Exciting but challenging to communicate the different parts. App Router stability confusion due to dependencies. Overall, a great experience and recommended for future-ready development.

📚 The video discusses the new features and advancements in Next.js, including support for app router, server components, and server actions.

💡 These new features are pushing web development towards a new era and a potential 'React 2.0' vision, but there is confusion in distinguishing between the different components and their relationships.

👍 Despite some drama and confusion, the speaker highly recommends using app router as it has been a great experience and is seen as the first step into the future of web development.

Summary of a video "Next.js App Router REVIEW (Six Months In Prod)" by Theo - t3․gg on YouTube.

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