EV Charging Points: Profitability, Planning, and Partnerships

This webinar explores the profitability and benefits of hosting EV charging points, emphasizing the importance of planning, partnerships, and reliable infrastructure.

00:00:14 This webinar discusses the potential profitability of hosting EV charging points and highlights the models available for landlords. The panelists share insights on the funding, grid connection, and partnership models that can make charging infrastructure installation cost-effective and even revenue-generating.

⭐️ It is possible to make money from hosting EV charging points on your land.

💰 There are different models available for prospective landlords, including fully funded installations with no cost to the client.

🌍 Charging infrastructure can be installed in both rural and urban areas, with partnerships and revenue sharing opportunities.

00:16:04 This webinar discusses the challenges and opportunities of hosting EV charging points. It covers topics such as the need for high-quality infrastructure, partnerships with landowners, and the importance of long-term planning and coordination. The panelists highlight the need for grid connections, proper site selection, and the role of local authorities in the charging infrastructure. Overall, the webinar emphasizes the importance of strategic planning and collaboration in the evolving EV charging market.

🔌 The speaker emphasizes the importance of high-quality connections and hardware for EV charging points, aiming to provide a reliable and user-friendly experience.

👥 The three pillars of their business model include accommodating single landowners, partnering with organizations, and offering flexible charging options for different communities.

🔋 The market for EV charging is young and dynamic, with evolving solutions. There is a need for long-term planning, coordination, and transparent partnerships to ensure sustainability.

00:31:53 Learn about the challenges and benefits of hosting EV charging points. Real-life experiences shared by site hosts highlight the importance of reliable infrastructure and the positive impact on customer satisfaction and business revenue.

🔑 Site selection for EV charging points requires thorough evaluation and understanding of client requirements.

Reliability and maintenance of charging infrastructure are crucial for EV site hosts.

💰 Hosting EV charging points can generate additional revenue and attract more customers.

00:47:44 This video discusses the benefits of hosting EV charging points on private land and the interest from local authorities in Ireland. It also highlights the potential for local authorities to leverage their power to expand charging infrastructure.

EV charging points are appreciated by people and there is little negativity surrounding them.

Leaving vehicles plugged in overnight and overstay incidents are not a problem at the given location.

Supermarket chains and local authorities are interested in installing EV charging points.

01:03:37 Local authorities play a crucial role in facilitating private sector investment in EV charging infrastructure. They identify viable locations for private sector investment and use public funding to support infrastructure in areas where private investment is not currently feasible.

🔑 The role of local authorities in EV charging has changed from investing in infrastructure to facilitating private sector investment.

🚗 Local authorities should identify viable locations for private sector investment in EV charging infrastructure and use public funding to support infrastructure in areas that are not currently feasible for private investment.

🌐 Partnerships between charge point operators, local authorities, and landowners are crucial for the long-term success of EV charging projects.

01:19:27 Learn about the different factors and variables involved in making money from hosting EV charging points, including cost, usage, and duration of operation. Consider the importance of visibility on charging maps and the use of apps for a better customer experience.

💰 When considering profit sharing or revenue sharing in hosting EV charging points, it's important to understand the basis on which it is founded, such as total turnover or net revenue.

⚡️ Key factors in the cost of running an EV charging network include power prices, payment fees, hardware and installation costs, maintenance costs, customer service costs, and data provision.

🚗🌍 Factors to consider for successful utilization of the charging network include the number of local EVs, parking constraints, and the availability of charge points in the area.

01:35:17 The webinar discusses the challenges and opportunities of hosting EV charging points, particularly in housing associations and shared accommodations. It highlights the importance of addressing the needs of chargepoint operators and the role of government policy in facilitating the deployment of charging infrastructure.

Roaming services are important for EV charging points to provide a seamless customer experience.

Housing associations should install charging infrastructure to cater to the increasing demand for EVs among tenants and residents.

Charging network operators need to address challenges in shared accommodations and work with government policies to ensure smooth deployment.

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