Apple's Future: Falling Behind User Needs?

A user discusses the impact of owning various Apple devices and questions what more Apple can offer as their current devices already meet their needs. Apple's lack of focus on user-desired features and outdated software could lead to trouble.

00:00:00 A long-term user discusses the impact of owning various Apple devices. The iPhone 13 Pro and 14 Pro have been workhorses in their professional and creative life. The 14 Pro's camera and features were not significantly different from the 13 Pro.

📱 The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro are essential tools for my professional and creative work.

🎥 The new camera system on the iPhone 14 Pro did not noticeably improve video quality compared to the iPhone 13 Pro.

⌚️ I also use the Apple Watch Series 8 for certain tasks.

00:01:16 An Apple user discusses the potential of the iPad Air4 and MacBook Pro in their setup and highlights the impressive performance of Apple products. However, they question what more Apple can offer as their current devices already meet their needs.

🔑 The iPad Air4 has great potential and is the preferred form factor for the future.

💻 The MacBook Pro M1 with 32GB of RAM is a powerful workhorse used for coding, video editing, 3D modeling, and rendering.

⚠️ Apple's challenge lies in finding new advancements as current devices already offer impressive performance and capabilities.

00:02:31 Is Apple's new iPhone and Apple Watch upgrade worth it? The lack of significant improvements may result in lower upgrade numbers this year. Apple should have made the Apple Watch more appealing to increase sales. Additionally, the success of the M1 chip may negatively impact Mac sales.

📱 The new iPhone's features are not significant enough to encourage users to upgrade.

Apple missed an opportunity to differentiate the Apple Watch, which could have boosted sales.

💻 The Mac sales are struggling because the previous M1 models are still sufficient for most users.

00:03:47 Apple's lack of focus on user-desired features and failure to learn from competitors could lead to trouble. AR isn't as exciting as claimed, and the iPhone lacks expected features like fast charging and a working window manager. Recommendations are made for Apple to prioritize user needs.

🍎 Apple's focus on AR has not lived up to expectations compared to Microsoft Hololens and Zuckerberg's metaverse.

⚡️ Users are disappointed with the lack of fast charging and USBC support on the iPhone.

💻 The absence of a working window manager for the Mac is hindering productivity.

00:05:02 Apple's lack of integration of AI technology and outdated productivity software is causing them to fall behind competitors, leading to potential trouble for the company.

🍏 Apple needs to pay attention to rapidly changing AI technology and integrate it better at the platform level.

👥 Apple's productivity software lags behind competitors, such as Google, in terms of AI integration.

💻 The iPad is seen as having the most potential among all Apple devices.

00:06:23 The iPad has great form factor and display for creative work, but the software and input have been limiting. An AI assistant could improve productivity without needing a keyboard. The iPhone 14 Pro is a better deal than the iPhone 13 Pro.

📱 The iPhone 14 Pro or even the 13 Pro are better deals today.

💻 The iPad is a versatile device with a great display for creative work, but its software and input methods need improvement.

🖊️ Imagine a powerful AI assistant that can assist with writing, editing photos and videos, and organizing emails and documents.

00:07:38 This video discusses the performance of Apple products and suggests considering last year's pro model instead of the new one. It also mentions turning an iPad into an automation powerhouse.

🍎 Apple's M1 chip is powerful, but it may not be worth the price for some users.

💻 Last year's pro model offers similar performance to the new models at a lower cost.

🖥️ The Pro Models have dual monitor support, better display, and improved graphics and CPU performance.

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