Visual Text Analysis with ChatGPT and Knowledge Graphs

Learn how to analyze text visually using ChatGPT and Knowledge Graphs. Discover main concepts, generate new ideas, and connect clusters.

00:00:00 Learn how to analyze text using ChatGPT visually with Infernodus. Upload any text and view it as a graph with connected ideas, helping you understand main concepts and gaps.

🔍 Analyzing any text using ChatGPT visually, understanding main topics, relationships, and gaps.

💡 Upload PDF or any other text to Infernodus for visual graph representation of ideas and their connections.

📄 Nodes in the graph represent ideas from the text, connected based on their appearance together, and sized by influence.

00:01:47 Analyze a PDF text using ChatGPT and Knowledge Graphs to visually represent main topics and generate new ideas by connecting clusters.

💡 Using text network analysis and GPT, you can visualize and identify the main topical clusters in a PDF document.

🔍 By zooming into specific topics, such as the prefrontal cortex, you can develop ideas and expand on the knowledge graph.

💭 Identifying structural gaps in the text can lead to new ideas and insights when connecting different clusters.

00:03:35 This video discusses how to use ChatGPT and knowledge graphs to analyze a PDF text. It explores the compilation of studies on mindfulness-based prevention, the role of craving and substance use in addiction relapses, and the benefits of meditation.

📚 This video explores how ChatGPT and knowledge graphs can be used to analyze a PDF text.

🤔 By querying the document, ChatGPT can provide insights and answer specific research questions.

💡 The video highlights the ability to bridge gaps between different ideas and develop discourse.

00:05:21 Analyze PDF text by creating questions and connecting topics in a knowledge graph. Use AI to generate and answer questions, and save interesting ideas for further research.

📄 Analyzing a PDF document to identify main topics and connections.

❓ Generating questions to bridge knowledge gaps and gain deeper understanding.

💡 Using AI-generated ideas to further develop and save research notes.

00:07:06 This video explains how to analyze a PDF text with ChatGPT and knowledge graphs. It demonstrates how you can generate summaries and explore semantic connections within the document using specific topics. The tool helps in developing ideas beyond the knowledge graph boundaries.

🔬 The system can generate a summary of specific ideas in a PDF text, allowing for a precise overview of preferred topics.

📚 Users can select multiple topics and generate a summary of those topics, along with the semantic connections within the document.

💡 The system can generate ideas that develop the connections between selected concepts, providing a tool to expand on the knowledge graph.

00:08:54 This video explores how meditation practice can impact an individual's cognitive control and increase activity in functional brain areas.

💡 Meditation practice can lead to functional adjustment in brain regions and impact cognitive control over cravings and emotions.

🔍 Knowledge graphs can help explore concepts and their connections within a document.

📚 By removing main ideas from the graph, hidden topics can be revealed and further explored using AI-generated ideas.

00:10:42 This video demonstrates how to use ChatGPT and knowledge graphs to generate new ideas and expand on existing ones. It also explains how to save and elaborate on interesting ideas. Try it on

💡 The video introduces a tool called ChatGPT and knowledge graphs for analyzing PDF text.

💭 The tool allows users to generate and develop ideas based on the connections in the knowledge graph.

🔍 Users can save interesting ideas to their notes and ask the AI to elaborate on them.

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