Free Course on Next-Generation Networks

This video provides a free training course on the objectives and motivations of next-generation networks.

00:00:07 This video discusses the objectives and unique aspects of a free training course on networking. The course covers basic to advanced topics, including networking terminology, the OSI model, and TCP/IP model. It is divided into two parts, providing participants with the skills of a network technician.

📚 This video is about the objectives and particularity of a free training course.

🔍 The course covers topics such as networking jargon, OSI model, and TCP/IP model.

💡 The training is structured to take learners from beginner to expert level in the field of networking.

00:01:11 Learn about communication protocols, network routing, and network security in this free online course. Gain the skills to become a networking expert!

📚 Mastering the first two steps of communication protocols is essential for becoming a network expert and exploring further areas like interconnection routing and network services administration.

🔒 Studying network security and cryptography allows for risk analysis and the development of coherent security policies to protect information systems.

🌐 The course also covers the configuration of communication protocols on different architectures and operating systems, providing a comprehensive understanding of networking concepts.

00:02:13 This video provides a free training course on the objectives and motivations of next-generation networks, such as IoT, vehicular networks, and controller networks. It addresses the challenges and advantages of this course compared to other sources.

🔍 This video discusses the functioning and challenges of next-generation networks, such as the internet of things, vehicle networks, and communication networks.

💰 The motivation behind this free course is to provide an affordable option for students who may not have the financial means to access other expensive training programs.

💡 The course addresses the difficulty of selecting credible and relevant documentation in this field, as well as the potential boredom that can arise from purely theoretical content.

00:03:19 Introduction to free training on network administration and security. Sharing certification and professional experience through practical exercises. Suitable for network and IT security enthusiasts, computer science students, and professionals preparing for certifications.

📚 The video focuses on providing minimal theory and practical exercises to diagnose system and network anomalies.

🔗 The main objective is to share the instructor's certification and professional experience with viewers, helping them in their career and certification pursuits.

🎯 The video targets individuals interested in networking and computer security, as well as students in computer science and telecommunications.

00:04:22 This free training course aims to prepare you for professional careers. It includes practical simulations and real-world problem-solving to bridge the gap between academia and the corporate world. The course covers network protocols and security. Suitable for aspiring system and network engineers.

📚 The course aims to train students to become competent professionals in the field of systems and networks.

🔍 Practical exercises and simulations are used to bridge the gap between academia and the professional world.

💼 The course prepares students for careers as system and network engineers, focusing on system configuration, maintenance, and adaptation to new technologies.

00:05:26 This video discusses career opportunities in the field of systems engineering and networking, including salary ranges and the potential for freelance consulting work.

👩‍💻 An engineer in system and network can earn between 4200 and 5500 euros per month, making it an attractive salary for an interesting profile.

🔒 Another career option is being responsible for information system security, with a starting salary of up to 3000 euros per month and the potential to earn up to 6000 euros per month with experience.

💼 Working as a freelance expert consultant in this field can result in daily invoices of up to 600 euros and a monthly income of up to 18,000 euros.

00:06:30 A free training course on goals and motivation. The instructor advises viewers to stay committed and watch the videos multiple times for better understanding.

It is important to support and not give up when dealing with difficult concepts.

🔑 Revisiting the videos multiple times can help improve understanding and mastery of the subject.

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