Analyzing Chatbot Performance with

Learn how to analyze chatbot performance and enhance user experience with's algorithm.

00:00:00 Learn how to analyze the performance of your chatbot using Chordata Thought Builder. Discover important metrics to enhance user experience.

📊 Analyzing performance of a chatbot using Chordata AI Thought Builder.

🔄 Monitoring frequency of usage, successful and failed utterances, and other metrics for enhancing user experience.

🔍 Examining chat history to understand user interactions and identify areas for improvement.

00:01:04 This video demonstrates how to analyze the performance of a chatbot and identify successful and failed scenarios with a high degree of confidence.

🔍 Review conversations and flow of chatbot interactions.

💡 Gain detailed insights into the bot's understanding of user statements.

✅👍 Successful scenarios where the bot accurately identifies user tasks.

❌👎 Scenarios where the bot fails to understand or identify user tasks.

00:02:08 Learn how to analyze the performance of your chatbot with by training it to understand and respond to different scenarios.

Using the training board, you can map incorrect inputs to desired outputs and quickly retrain the chatbot.

🔄 By analyzing fail scenarios, you can ensure that the chatbot understands and responds correctly to similar utterances in the future.

📊 The chatbot also captures performance metrics behind the scenes through scoring.

00:03:10 Learn how to analyze your chatbot's performance using's algorithm to understand and improve conversation understanding.

📊 Analyzing the performance of a chatbot involves measuring the confidence of matching different inputs.

📚 Documentation is available to help understand why certain inputs are not understood and how to make improvements.

🤖 Metrics and numbers can be used to monitor and evaluate the bot's understanding and make informed judgments.

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