Tech Updates: Windows 11, Surface, Unity, YouTube, Apple, and 3D Printing

Microsoft announces new features for Windows 11 and Surface products, while Unity updates its pricing policy. YouTube introduces AI features. Apple addresses durability concerns and University of Colorado Boulder makes progress in coffee grounds 3D printing.

00:00:00 Microsoft announced a generative AI feature called co-pilot for Windows 11, touted as significant as past technological advancements. Its availability to Windows insiders is known, while integration with Dolly 3 remains uncertain.

Microsoft announced a generative AI feature called co-pilot for Windows 11, with a new logo.

There have been previous versions of co-pilot introduced, including GitHub co-pilot and Microsoft 365 co-pilot.

OpenAI's newly announced Dolly 3, which will be integrated into Microsoft products, is expected to enhance co-pilot.

00:01:24 Microsoft announces updates to their line of Surface products, including the sequel to the Surface Laptop Studio and the more affordable Surface Laptop Go 3. They also introduce the new Surface Hub 3 with hardware upgrades.

🔑 Dolly3 AI will be able to generate text and create novel images.

💻 Microsoft announced updates to their Surface products, including the Surface Laptop Studio and Surface Laptop Go 3.

📊 The new Surface Hub 3 offers hardware upgrades and can be purchased as a complete unit or a modular pack.

00:02:46 Former Microsoft Surface lead Penos Pan is reportedly being hired by Amazon to replace their retiring Hardware Chief. Unity Technologies has updated their pricing scheme for developers using Unity based games.

Former Surface lead Penos Pan left Microsoft after the company started cutting staff and pulling back on experimental devices like Surfice headphones and Surface Pro X.

💼 Penos Pan is allegedly being hired by Amazon to replace their retiring Hardware Chief Dave Limp.

💰 Unity Technologies has updated their pricing scheme for developers, introducing a runtime fee for Unity-based games that reach a certain threshold for revenue and install count.

00:04:10 Unity is making changes to their fee policy for game developers, and it's receiving positive feedback from the indie dev community.

💼 Unity will no longer charge a fee or a percentage of gross revenue for games created using current versions of unity.

👍 Ramy is happy with the changes and Unity is showing care towards the Indie Dev Community.

🥣 Magic Spoon cereals are delicious and healthy with zero sugar, high protein, and low carbs.

00:05:35 YouTube event introduces AI powered features, including Dream Screen and generative AI Tools in YouTube studio. Microsoft may succeed in buying Activision Blizzard King.

YouTube announced AI-powered features, including Dream Screen for green screen effects, generative AI tools, and translated audio dubs

Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard King may finally succeed after addressing previous concerns

Criticisms have been raised regarding the announcement

00:06:58 iPhone 15 durability concerns and discoloration issues. Apple addresses fingerprint alteration but not permanent scratches on cases. Leaked military documents on War Thunder forum raise security concerns.

Users have raised concerns about the build quality and durability of the iPhone 15.

Apple has acknowledged that fingerprints can temporarily change the color of the iPhone 15's titanium frame.

Sensitive military documentation, including the flight manual for the Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk, has been leaked on the War Thunder Forum multiple times.

00:08:22 A study from University of Colorado Boulder has made progress in 3D printing using coffee grounds. This could help reduce plastic waste by creating biodegradable items.

☕️ A new study from the University of Colorado Boulder has used coffee grounds for 3D printing to reduce plastic waste.

🌱 By mixing coffee grounds with xanthan gum and cellulose powders, biodegradable products like coffee cups can be created.

🚀 This research opens up possibilities for environmentally friendly 3D printing using accessible materials.

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