Canon 90D Tutorial - Beginner’s Guide to Camera Basics

A beginner's guide to using the Canon 90D camera, including powering it on, inserting an SD card, and attaching a lens.

00:00:00 This tutorial provides a beginner's guide to the Canon 90D camera, including how to power it on, insert an SD card, and attach a lens.

📸 The Canon EOS 90D is a great camera for beginners.

💡 To power the camera, insert the LPE 6 battery into the designated slot at the bottom.

📷 To record photos or videos, insert a UHS 3 SD card into the side slot.

🔍 To attach a lens, twist the lens cover counterclockwise and align the appropriate circle.

00:02:18 A tutorial on how to use the Canon 90D camera, including mounting the lens, turning it on, and shooting stills and videos.

📷 The Canon 90D is introduced, with instructions on how to mount a lens and turn on the camera.

🎥 The video mode is explained, including how to start and stop recording, and how to preview photos and videos.

🔧 Useful controls and features are highlighted, such as the touch screen and audio visualizer settings.

00:04:37 Learn how to navigate the Canon 90D's buttons and menus, including manual sound recording, adjusting volume levels, and changing video settings.

🔊 Manual sound recording must be selected to access the sound graph and useful information.

📊 The info button displays additional information and adjusting settings can be done through the Q menu.

🎥 To film 1080p video at 120 frames per second, the high frame rates option must be enabled and audio recording and pixel AF will be disabled.

00:06:59 Learn how to use the Canon 90D camera, including its pixel autofocus system for shooting 4K video and the focus peaking feature for photography.

📷 The Canon 90D has a powerful pixel autofocus system for shooting 4K videos.

🔴 The camera offers focus peaking feature with customizable colors for easier manual focus.

💡 In stills mode, the camera allows switching between high-quality JPEG and RAW formats for better post-processing capabilities.

00:09:18 Learn about the Canon 90D's touch shutter and timer function for reducing camera shake. Explore high-speed shooting settings and menu options, including formatting cards and adjusting display brightness.

📷 The Canon 90D has a touch shutter that allows for easy and precise focusing and capturing of photos without causing camera shake.

The camera also has a timer feature that can be set for two or ten seconds, minimizing camera shake even further.

🔥 In the menu settings, there are numerous powerful tools available that can greatly enhance the shooting experience.

00:11:38 Learn how to navigate the Canon 90D camera menus and adjust settings like shutter speed, aperture, and ISO without using the touchscreen.

🔋 You can check the battery info in the camera's menu.

⏱️ You can change the shutter speed using the touch screen or the physical dial on the camera.

🔍 You can adjust the aperture and ISO using either the touch screen or the camera's buttons.

📸 Avoid using high ISOs above 6400 to maintain image quality.

00:13:58 An overview of the Canon 90D camera's buttons and menus. Manual mode is recommended, but auto mode is useful for beginners. Questions can be asked in the comments section.

📷 The Canon 90D has various modes, with manual mode being the most frequently used.

🔄 To switch modes on the camera, press and twist the mode dial located on the top of the camera.

🤔 Auto mode is useful for beginners or when handing the camera to someone unfamiliar with manual exposure.

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