4 Tips to Ensure Career Success

Learn how to future-proof your career by identifying transferable skills, embracing continuous learning, and highlighting your human skills.

00:00:00 In this TED series, Dr. Michelle Weise shares tips on how to future-proof your career. She advises identifying transferable skills and embracing continuous learning.

📚 Future of work: Expect to have 20-30 or more jobs.

💼 Traditional job application systems are challenging.

💡 Tips for a successful and long-term career.

00:01:04 Focus on developing both hard skills and soft skills. Highlight your human skills by creating a timeline of your experiences. Be a skill translator to effectively communicate your skills.

🔑 Focus on developing both technical and soft skills.

📝 Create a timeline of your experiences to highlight the evolution of your skills.

💡 Be adaptable and translate your skills effectively.

00:02:09 4 Tips to Future-Proof Your Career | The Way We Work, a TED series. The video provides guidance on adapting to different job requirements, recognizing signs of discomfort, seeking opportunities for growth, and being adaptable.

🔑 Different job positions require different skills depending on the context.

Pay attention to times of discomfort or dissatisfaction as they can indicate the need for growth or change.

💼 Upgrade your skills by taking courses or becoming proficient in new platforms or applications.

😊 Be adaptable and open to new challenges to remain relevant and future-proof your career.

00:03:13 Discover how to future-proof your career by choosing companies that invest in talent development, asking about career advancement plans, and showcasing your hidden skills.

🔑 When changing jobs, choose a company that invests in talent development.

💡 Focus on developing relevant skills for future career growth.

🌟 Highlight your hidden skills and demonstrate new ways of thinking to potential employers.

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