Enriching Personal AI Training Data

Learn how to upload files, share bio and work history, organize documents, leverage memory blocks, and enrich training data for your personal AI.

00:00:00 Learn how to upload files from Google Drive to your AI and use URLs to bootstrap your AI. Share your bio and work history with colleagues or keep it organized for professional purposes.

πŸ“š Integrations and training are discussed as ways to bootstrap your AI.

πŸ’» Google Drive integration is explained, allowing you to upload files and share URLs with your AI.

πŸ“ The process of sharing a biography and work history file from Google Drive to your AI is demonstrated.

00:03:30 In this video, learn how to upload and organize documents in your AI profile. Discover how memory blocks are connected and how to leverage them to get comprehensive responses from your AI.

✨ You can easily upload and organize documents in your AI profile.

πŸ”— Documents are stacked and connected, allowing for easy retrieval and association of information.

πŸ“š The AI profile can leverage the stacked documents to provide relevant responses.

00:06:58 Learn how to enrich your personal AI training data by incorporating your own documents and journal entries. Create new documents in your personal AI profile and easily paste any text to enhance your AI's knowledge.

πŸ“š You can connect your personal data to your AI profile, allowing the AI to respond and reflect your own preferences and experiences.

πŸ“ You can copy and paste text from various sources into your AI profile, making it a convenient way to organize and access information.

πŸ”’ Personally, I provides an in-house document feature that allows you to store and organize data, even if it is not compatible with the AI platform.

00:10:28 In this video, learn how to enrich your personal AI training data using topics, which are hashtags that connect specific themes to your text data.

πŸ“š You can use topics as hashtags to connect the text to a specific theme or book.

πŸ—‚οΈ Topics help the AI understand the context of the data and can be used to categorize it.

πŸ“ Topics can be used to organize data based on different criteria, such as personal development or specific locations.

00:13:58 This video demonstrates how to enrich personal AI training data by changing personal profiles and adding journal entries and URL content. Limitations and editing options are also discussed.

πŸ’‘ Personal journal is a great source of authentic emotional data for training your Personal AI.

πŸ“„ Stacking URLs in documents may have limitations, such as cutting off or parsing only visible content.

πŸ’° With the AI training feature, users can self-train their Personal AI with specific topics of interest.

00:17:28 Learn how to enrich your personal AI training data and stack information effectively in this AI training video.

πŸ’‘ The speaker discusses the process of stacking and organizing information in their AI training data.

🧩 They explain how to navigate the memory stack and the importance of converting older data.

πŸ—‚οΈ The speaker mentions the possibility of discussing personal and professional topics using their AI profile.

00:20:57 In this video, the speaker discusses the benefits of using an AI personal assistant and plans to use it for organizing journals and coin collecting.

🀯 The speaker is amazed at the capability of their personal AI to remember important dates like their wife's wedding anniversary.

😎 The speaker plans to use their personal AI to store and interact with their personal journals and coin collection, making it easier to access information on the go.

πŸ“š The speaker also wants to get their wife involved in using the personal AI for messaging and improving their communication.

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