Engaging Training Session on PD3i Materi BLc

A training session on PD3i Materi BLc emphasizes the importance of learning commitment. Participants engage in interactive activities and discussions to enhance their understanding and knowledge.

00:00:11 In this video, the speaker introduces the topic of PLC and emphasizes the importance of building learning commitment. They discuss the goals of the training and the importance of active participation and creating a conducive learning environment.

The video is about a training session on PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and BLC (Building Learning Commitment).

The importance of learning commitment and creating a conducive learning environment is discussed.

The participants are encouraged to actively participate and engage in the training.

00:14:06 A training session with participants from different districts in Palembang, Sumatera Selatan. Each participant introduces themselves with a positive word that starts with the first letter of their name.

The video features introductions from various individuals working in different healthcare facilities.

Each person emphasizes their positive attitude and enthusiasm for the training program.

The speakers highlight the importance of taking risks, being disciplined, and maintaining empathy and energy in their work.

00:27:58 A training session titled Pelatihan PD3i Materi BLc. Participants from various health institutions introduce themselves and share positive words related to their names. The importance of being motivated and committed to the training is emphasized.

The video is about a training program called PD3i.

The participants in the training program introduce themselves and express their positive attitude towards the training.

The importance of networking and collaboration among the participants is emphasized.

00:41:51 The video is about a training session where participants play games to improve their focus and creativity. They access a link and interact with the instructor. They answer questions creatively and guess images of animals.

📱 Participants are instructed to access a game link using their smartphones.

👥 There are around 30 participants in the class.

🔢 Some number-related questions are asked during the game.

00:55:46 Participants of the PD3i training are encouraged to write down their expectations and goals for the training to enhance their understanding and knowledge. They will also have the opportunity to form groups and discuss class norms, collective control, and chants.

📚 The purpose of the training is to enhance understanding and knowledge in the field of surveillance in health centers.

💡 The training aims to provide practical experience and update knowledge in order to become competent in the field of surveillance.

🏢 The training facility in Ciloto is known for its spaciousness and pleasant environment.

01:11:53 A training session on PD3i Materi BLc. Participants are instructed to ask for permission before leaving, arrive 4 minutes early, and be respectful when speaking. There is a discussion on yel-yel and maintaining a positive attitude.

📚 One of the key points discussed in the video is the importance of obtaining permission before leaving the class or taking breaks.

Another key point is the emphasis on punctuality, with a suggestion to arrive at least 4 minutes before the start of the training.

🗣️ The video also highlights the need for polite and respectful communication, both in terms of asking questions and offering feedback.

01:25:53 A training session on PD3i material called BLc. Participants choose a president and vice president, discuss reflection duties, and take a group photo.

📝 The video is about a training session on a subject called BLc.

🗓️ The speaker discusses the importance of creating a schedule and assigning tasks for reflection and prayer.

🤝 The participants are asked to select a president and vice president for the class.

Summary of a video "Pelatihan PD3i Materi BLc" by MEDIA PUBLIK BBPK CILOTO on YouTube.

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