The Power of Silence: Advice on Assertiveness from Dr. Yaser Al-Huzaimi

Learn to speak up and express your opinion, even if it goes against the norm. Be confident, don't be weak. Advice from Dr. Yaser Al-Huzaimi.

00:00:00 The power of silence: A message from Dr. Yaser Al-Huzaimi. Learn to speak up and express your opinion, even if it goes against the norm.

Silence is not always golden, speaking up can be valuable.

The Prophet encouraged speaking good or remaining silent.

Society values those who don't speak up, leading to silencing of opinions.

00:01:19 Speak with strength, don't be weak, people will take advantage of you. Advice from Dr. Yasser Al Hizaimi.

📚 The concept of entitlement is discussed, highlighting how people feel they deserve everything in the world.

🚶‍♂️ The negative consequences of entitlement are explored, such as excessive demands and emotional outbursts.

🌍 The importance of teaching children the concept of limited rights and boundaries is emphasized.

00:02:44 Be confident, don't be weak. Dr. Yasser Al-Hazmy shares advice from personal experiences on why we should assert ourselves and not let others take advantage of us.

🔑 It is important to have self-confidence and assertiveness to avoid being taken advantage of by others.

🌍 Many people lack self-assertion skills or self-affirmation, which can lead to problems in relationships and society.

👨‍👦 Children should be allowed to express themselves and not be deprived of everything, but also learn not to expect everything.

00:04:05 Powerful personality reveals the consequences of being what others want, through personal experiences. A strong-willed child becomes a source of admiration.

💪 Having a strong personality can sometimes lead to exploitation by others.

👪 The speaker shares a personal experience of being absent from his children's lives and realizing their praises were not genuine.

🧒🚪 The speaker recognizes that his child's behavior of being silent and obedient is not natural and may indicate a problem.

00:05:27 The importance of self-affirmation and the negative consequences of lacking self-affirmation, especially in matters of religion, are discussed.

🗣️ The importance of self-affirmation and strong personal identity in raising resilient individuals.

💪 The consequences of weak self-affirmation on individuals' lives.

🔇 The impact of silence and inaction when facing wrongdoing.

00:06:48 The video advises against being weak and easily influenced by others, emphasizing the importance of speaking up. It highlights the significance of self-esteem and the consequences of remaining silent in important situations.

🗣️ Speaking confidently and assertively has a strong impact on others and one's own self-worth.

🙊 Remaining silent when there is an opportunity to speak can be detrimental to one's faith and personal growth.

👥 It is important not to underestimate oneself and to overcome the fear of expressing thoughts in front of others.

00:08:15 Don't be weak, people will take advantage of you. Tips from the experiences of Dr. Yasser Al-Hazimi. It affects your religion, self-esteem, and even your work.

👤 Your self-esteem affects all aspects of your life, including your religion and work.

🗣️ Learn to say 'no' to others to prioritize your own goals, life, and family.

💪 Focus on pursuing your own goals rather than constantly saying 'yes' to others.

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