Affordable Annual Data Plans in Hong Kong

A guide to the most affordable annual data plans in Hong Kong, with options from various providers. Average monthly cost is just a few dollars.

00:00:03 A guide to the most affordable annual data plans in Hong Kong, with options from various providers. Average monthly cost is just a few dollars.

💡 This video is a selection of affordable annual data cards in Hong Kong that provide internet data and call minutes at a low cost.

📲 The video covers different card options from four major network providers and recommends viewers to check the linked webpage for the latest updates and a comparison chart of suitable cards.

💰 The video advises viewers to consider five factors when purchasing an annual card and encourages them to be savvy consumers by comparing prices and finding the best deals on their own.

00:01:48 A review of the best value Hong Kong annual data card for low usage users with a budget of around $60. It offers 5-20GB of data per year, with an average of less than 1GB per month.

💡 This video discusses an annual data card that costs around 5 to 20 GB per month and is suitable for users with low data usage or a limited budget.

🔍 The first card mentioned is the abc mobile card, which costs around 60 HKD and offers 18 GB of data for the year, with 8 GB being a promotional offer and the remaining 10 GB requiring a separate code.

⚠️ It is important to check the expiration date of the promotional offer and be aware of the limitations of the card, as there may be potential drawbacks.

00:03:33 Select the most affordable Hong Kong annual card for unlimited data, but be aware of additional fees and minute charges for calls.

📲 The video discusses two affordable options for annual data plans in Hong Kong.

💰 Both options require additional fees for call minutes and administrative charges.

📶 The plans offer different data allowances and download speeds.

00:05:19 A comparison of two affordable SIM cards in Hong Kong that offer different data usage and internet speeds.

💡 The video introduces two budget options for annual data plans in Hong Kong: a 5GB card and a 10GB card.

📶 The 5GB card offers a download speed of up to 42Mbps and includes 2000 minutes of voice calls and number portability.

⏫⏬ The 10GB card has double the data allowance but a reduced download speed of 21Mbps compared to the 5GB card.

00:07:03 A review of a Hong Kong annual data card, with 12GB of data split between general use and specified social apps. It does not support VOLTE and requires additional payment to upgrade. Comparisons are made to other cards.

💡 The Lucky ValueGB card offers 365 days of data and comes with a total of 12GB, divided into 8GB for general use and 4GB for specified social apps.

The card has a maximum download speed of 42Mbps, but does not support VOLTE without an additional charge.

📞 It is possible to transfer your existing number to this card through MNP, but it is not compatible with the DIY prepaid card from 3HK.

00:08:46 A comparison of two year cards offered by ValueGB in Hong Kong. The first card provides 5GB of data, 2000 minutes, and supports MNP, but lacks VOLTE and roaming. The second card offers 8GB of data and 500 minutes, with similar features. Prices range from HKD 30-35.

🔑 ValueGB offers two card options: a 5GB annual card with unlimited speed and 2000 minutes of talk time, and an 8GB annual card with 4.5G speed and 500 minutes of talk time.

💰 The 5GB card is affordable, costing around 30 to 35 dollars, while the 8GB card provides more data but has fewer talk minutes.

📶 Both cards have the same additional services and features, and ValueGB is recommended for its 10GB 4G data usage throughout the year.

00:10:33 A review of the Hong Kong annual card selection for 2023, with affordable options for unlimited data and call minutes, MNP porting, and support for VOLTE. Visit for various local and travel SIM card options.

📲 The video is about the best value prepaid data cards in Hong Kong for 2023.

💰 These cards offer high download speeds, free minutes for calls, and support for VOLTE.

💡 There is a website called that offers a variety of local and travel data cards.

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