Evaluation of Substance Use and Relationship Issues in a Young Adult

Psychological evaluation of a 22-year-old individual with substance use issues and relationship conflicts. Evaluation reveals addiction to cocaine, cannabis, nicotine, and alcohol, affecting personal, social, and work life.

00:00:06 Sergio, a 22-year-old, seeks psychological evaluation due to relationship conflicts related to cocaine and cannabis use. He denies having a problem but experiences changes in mood and tolerance. The evaluation will assess his substance use and associated issues.

ūüĒć Sergio, a 22-year-old, seeks psychological evaluation due to frequent arguments with his partner.

ūüíĎ The main issue in Sergio's relationship is their differing attitudes towards cocaine and cannabis use.

‚ö†ÔłŹ Sergio denies having a problem with substance control but acknowledges changes in behavior and negative consequences.

00:09:08 Clinical psychological evaluation to determine if there are any possible difficulties in substance use and relationship issues. Confidentiality and consent are important. Urine tests and history are part of the evaluation.

ūüĒć The speaker suggests conducting an evaluation to determine if there are any problems or difficulties related to substance use and its impact on various aspects of the person's life.

ūüíľ The evaluation will also consider how substance use affects the person's daily life, including relationships, work, and social interactions.

ūü§Ě Confidentiality is emphasized, and the person is asked to give consent for the evaluation and potential involvement of their partner.

00:18:11 Evaluation of psychological and clinical situations related to cocaine and cannabis use in a 22-year-old individual. No negative effects on family or work. Occasional use of cannabis by partner. Introduction of nicotine, alcohol, and cannabis before cocaine use. Craving for cocaine but not forced to consume. No hospitalizations or treatments.

ūüí° The client discusses their frequency and amounts of cocaine use, as well as the situations in which they use it.

ūüíĎ The client mentions that their cocaine use has caused problems in their relationship and work, but not in their family or personal life.

ūüĎ™ The client reveals that their parents and mother consume substances daily, and their father used to consume alcohol daily.

00:27:16 Evaluation session with Sergio discussing his cocaine use on weekends, the impact on his mood, and his arguments with his partner. Tasks assigned: keep a daily record of arguments with partner and complete questionnaires about physical and emotional symptoms.

‚úÖ Sergio discusses his use of cocaine on weekends and how it has extended to Sundays due to lack of employment.

ūüĒĄ Sergio experiences tiredness, irritability, and headaches after cocaine use, but he attributes it to lack of sleep rather than the drug itself.

‚Ěď The majority of Sergio's arguments with his partner occur on weekends, but it is unclear how much is related to cocaine use and how much is related to other issues in their relationship.

00:36:20 Evaluation of Sergio's clinical psychology. There is a problem of drug dependency that affects his personal, family, social, and work life. The goal is to make him aware of the problem and its consequences.

‚≠ź Sergio is seeking psychological evaluation due to his drug dependency and its impact on various areas of his life.

ūüíĒ He shows signs of lack of awareness of his drug problem, with indicators of difficulty controlling substance use and increasing dependency.

ūüďč The evaluation aims to uncover the extent of his drug addiction, explore potential co-occurring mental health issues, and examine other relevant factors such as work and social influences.

00:45:24 Sergio's psychological evaluation reveals addiction to four substances: cocaine, cannabis, nicotine, and alcohol. The addiction affects his daily life, including his relationship, work, social interactions, and personal well-being.

The video is about a clinical psychological evaluation of a person named Sergio.

Sergio discusses his relationship with his partner, their arguments, and the impact of work on their relationship.

The evaluation reveals that Sergio has a problem with substance addiction, specifically to cocaine, cannabis, nicotine, and alcohol, which is affecting his daily life in various areas.

00:54:28 Evaluation of psychological vulnerability, family history, self-esteem, social environment, and employment status as factors contributing to drug addiction. Proposal to reduce cocaine consumption and address drug dependency issues.

ūüĒĎ There are various factors that could be related to addiction, including biological vulnerability, family history of substance use, and low self-esteem.

ūüöÄ The consumption of cocaine and other substances may be influenced by social factors, such as friends who use drugs and the absence of employment.

ūüíĒ The individual's use of substances may have been triggered by personal experiences, such as the separation of their parents, and may have escalated over time.

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