Flowise OpenAI Function Calling: Fetching Current and Reliable Information for ChatGPT

Learn how to use OpenAI function calling to provide current and up-to-date information to ChatGPT.

00:00:01 Learn how to use OpenAI function calling to provide current and up-to-date information to ChatGPT. Install Flowise, explore tools, and write custom functions for fetching fresh API data.

πŸ‘‰ OpenAI function calling enables chat GPT to access current and up-to-date information.

πŸ” Using function calling, chat GPT can fetch fresh API data for real-time updates.

πŸ› οΈ Flowise provides tools and customizations to enhance the functionality of chat GPT.

00:01:37 Using OpenAI agent and custom tools, we create a flow to fetch data from other APIs. We add tools for IP address location and weather. Ready to implement first custom tool.

πŸ” Flowise OpenAI function calling allows the use of JavaScript functions with specified arguments.

πŸ”§ The OpenAI agent is used to select and customize custom tools in the chat flow.

🌍 The video demonstrates the implementation of custom tools for obtaining the location of an IP address and the weather in a location.

00:03:13 Implementing a function to fetch the current location of an IP address using a free API called Koip.

πŸ” The video discusses the allocation of IP addresses and the need for a function to fetch the current location of an IP address.

πŸ”— Rapid API is introduced as a platform that provides various APIs in different categories, including free and popular ones.

🌍 A specific API called 'Free KOIP' is chosen as a solution to retrieve the location information of an IP address.

00:04:53 Integrate the Flowise OpenAI function with the API in our code snippet using node.js and Fetch. Configure the required parameter IP and return the API result.

🌍 The video discusses how to integrate the Flowise OpenAI API into our code to retrieve country code, city, latitude, longitude, and other information by configuring the required parameter IP.

πŸ’» To use the API, we choose the Fetch approach in node.js and make adjustments in the JavaScript function box, replacing the hard-coded IP with the referenced parameter, and returning the API's result.

πŸ”— The final script with the changes can be found on a GitHub gist, accessible through the provided link.

00:06:30 This video demonstrates how to call the Flowise OpenAI function that returns the current weather information of a chosen location using latitude and longitude parameters.

πŸ“ The function allows us to get the current weather of a chosen location based on latitude and longitude.

πŸ”— Parameters for latitude and longitude are required to retrieve the weather information.

🌍 By modifying the URL with the latitude and longitude parameters, we can create a dynamic URL string.

00:08:07 Flowise OpenAI function calling: Improving function tool, debugging with API calls, connecting dots, testing application, DNS lookup for nearest server, and retrieving weather information.

πŸ“ The final script is provided in a GitHub gist for better debugging.

βš™οΈ Configurations are made for using Flowise OpenAI function calling.

🌍 A DNS lookup is used to find the nearest server of Wikipedia in a specific location.

00:09:43 Learn how to use function calling in AI businesses to gain control over data and minimize hallucination of AI models. Weather information in Amsterdam and GDPR question answered directly.

πŸ’‘ The video discusses the use of custom functions in the Flowise OpenAI platform.

πŸ’» It highlights the usage of the one-time rip function and weather function in a specific scenario.

πŸ”’ The importance of utilizing function calling to gain control over data and minimize errors is emphasized.

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