Exploring Gwangjang Market: A Culinary Adventure in Seoul

A tour of Gwangjang Market in Seoul, South Korea, featuring delicious and unique Korean street food.

00:00:00 A food tour of Gwangjang Market in Seoul, South Korea, featuring the street foods from the Netflix Street Food episode.

🍜 Yoonsun Cho, a chef at Gwangjang Market, is known for her hand-cut knife-cut noodles, which she learned from her mother after the war.

🏬 Gwangjang Market in Seoul, South Korea, offers a wide variety of street food, including gimbap, soondae, and giant tubes of blood sausage.

🥘 Mark Wiens and his friend Dan Gray explore the market and sample all the different street foods featured in the Netflix Street Food episode.

00:04:15 A street food stall in Gwangjang Market serves delicious knife-cut noodles, mandoo, and buckwheat noodles. The owner's passion for her craft and unique flavors make it a must-visit spot.

🍜 The video features a stall at Gwangjang Market in Korea that serves knife-cut noodles and mandoo, showcasing the process of making the noodles and the unique flavors.

🌶️ The stall offers a variety of dumplings, including a kimchi dumpling and a meat dumpling, both with distinct flavors and textures.

🍲 The stall also serves cold seaweed noodles with a spicy sauce, which have a unique gelatin-like texture and a combination of sweet, sour, and slightly chili flavors.

00:08:25 Experience the delicious Korean street food from Gwangjang Market in Seoul. From knife-cut noodles to flavorful soup and homemade kimchi, each dish is a comforting and satisfying delight.

🍜 The knife-cut noodles called Kalguksu are the main dish featured in the video. The noodles have a gummy texture and the soup is light and flavorful.

🌶️ The kimchi served with the noodles is young and perfectly crunchy with a good chili flavor.

🔥 The second part of the story focuses on the quality, freshness, and love put into the homemade dishes, creating an amazing dining experience.

00:12:36 A woman in debt turned her life around by selling knife-cut noodles at Gwangjang Market. We try soy marinated crab and chili marinated crab at a famous banchan store.

🍜 Yoon Cho turned her family's debt situation around by selling knife-cut noodles at the market.

🦀 The banchan place visited is famous for its soy marinated crab, with delicious raw roe and a sweet and slightly spicy marination.

🌶️ The owner also offered chili marinated crab, which had a spicy glistening coating and a toothpaste-like texture.

00:16:48 A food adventure in Seoul, featuring mung bean pancakes and Korean raw beef dish. Crispy pancakes with a fluffy texture and a flavorful sauce, paired with tender beef and refreshing Asian pear.

🍽️ The video features a visit to Gwangjang Market in Seoul and showcases various Korean street foods.

🥞 One of the highlighted dishes is the mung bean pancake, known as Bindae-tteok, which is made with stone ground mung beans, vegetables, and kimchi.

🥩 Another dish tried is Yukhoe, a Korean raw beef dish flavored with sesame oil and served with Asian pears.

00:20:58 A tour through the streets of Seoul includes indulging in delicious Korean street food, such as mung bean pancakes and a unique modern snack made with rice batter.

🍽️ The video showcases a variety of Korean street food, including mung bean pancakes and a unique rice-based snack called the baffle.

🍻 Makgeolli, a light alcoholic beverage made from rice, is recommended as a great accompaniment to the pancakes.

🌭 The Dongdaemun eating street offers a wide range of street food options, including Tteok-bokki, and is popular among garment district workers.

00:25:08 A street food enthusiast explores the diverse and flavorful offerings of Gwangjang Market in Seoul, tasting a variety of dishes including rice waffle pancakes and saucy sandwiches.

🍽️ The video showcases a variety of Korean street food dishes at Gwangjang Market in Seoul.

🌭 One of the featured dishes is a baffle, made with cabbage, egg, milk sauce, chili and garlic sauce, cheese, and seaweed powder.

🥞 Other notable dishes include rice waffle pancakes with bacon, crisp cabbage, fish flakes, and egg.

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