Living Failure After Success

A discussion about the experiences of a businessman who faced failures in various business ventures after initial success.

00:00:00 A discussion about the experiences of a businessman, Mishaal Al-Murshid, who faced failures in various business ventures after initial success.

📚 The guest shares his story of failure in various business ventures, emphasizing the importance of learning from mistakes and setbacks.

💼 He discusses his experience working in the telecommunications industry and how he transitioned into entrepreneurship.

💡 He explains how he started a charity project by printing and distributing booklets of Islamic supplications.

00:22:43 A story of starting a successful honey business, facing challenges, and overcoming them through advertising and building trust with customers.

💼 The speaker faced challenges while starting a honey business, including finding a suitable location and dealing with high costs for decor and signage.

🍯 They decided to name the business 'Mishal Natural Honey' to avoid losses, and focused on providing high-quality honey and gaining customer trust.

💰 Through advertising and marketing efforts, the business grew and opened multiple branches, selling honey at a higher price based on trust and quality.

00:45:27 A successful honey store owner advises a friend to open his own store, helping him find the perfect location. They face challenges with advertising and competition but eventually expand to multiple branches and invest in real estate.

The speaker advised someone to open a honey store in a specific location.

They found a unique location with affordable rent for the store.

The speaker faced challenges in advertising and pricing their honey, but eventually found success.

01:08:12 The speaker shares his experience in starting a sheep farming business, discussing the challenges and losses he faced, as well as the importance of trust and partnerships.

📝 The speaker and his relative decided to enter a business project based on the profits they heard about.

💰 They offered a salary of 5,000 SAR and a share of the profits to the person in charge of the project.

They faced challenges and losses due to diseases in the livestock, but eventually decided to switch to a different business venture.

01:30:59 Living failure after success, the podcast discusses the challenges of expanding a business and the importance of location selection.

📝 "أن تعيش الفشل بعد النجاح" is a podcast about the experience of facing failure after success in a business venture in the livestock industry.

💼 The speaker shares their personal experience of starting a successful branch of a livestock business and expanding it to multiple locations.

🐑 They discuss the challenges they faced when the market collapsed, leading to a significant decline in livestock prices and the need to adapt their business strategy.

01:53:47 The speaker reflects on the challenges and failures they faced in their sheep farming business, losing money and struggling to sell their products. They share stories of seeking financial help from friends and relatives and the importance of learning from failures.

The speaker shares their experience of failure after success in the sheep farming industry.

They discuss the challenges they faced, such as declining market conditions and financial losses.

The speaker highlights the importance of learning from failure and the support they received from family and friends.

02:16:34 Overcoming failure is essential for success. Apologizing is necessary after making mistakes and learning from experiences. The speaker shares personal experiences in business and emphasizes the importance of self-reliance, trusting the right people, and being cautious with investments.

📌 The speaker shares his personal experience of success and failure in various projects, emphasizing the importance of learning from failures and not trusting others blindly.

🔑 He discusses the challenges faced in different ventures, such as the difficulty in finding reliable partners and the impact of changing market dynamics and advertising strategies.

💡 The speaker highlights the significance of focusing on personal development, preserving one's reputation, and being cautious and calculated in business decisions.

Summary of a video "أن تعيش الفشل بعد النجاح | بودكاست مربع" by إذاعة ثمانية on YouTube.

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