Product Analytics 101: Mastering Insights and Informed Decisions

Learn the basics of product analytics from an expert with over a decade of experience. Gain insights, master skills, and make informed decisions for your product.

00:00:05 Learn the basics of product analytics with Matthew Brandt, an expert with over a decade of experience in the field. Gain insights and master the skills needed to succeed in data analytics.

馃攽 Product Analytics 101 course aims to educate individuals in the data analytics space.

馃捈 Getting into data analytics is challenging due to the lack of available content and the multidisciplinary nature of the field.

馃摎 Product Analytics requires understanding various disciplines such as psychology and technical skills like JavaScript.

00:01:51 Learn the fundamentals of product analytics in this free course to level up your game. Gain a deep understanding of qualitative and quantitative data analysis.

馃攽 This course aims to help students improve their understanding of product analytics and learn how to analyze and interpret qualitative data.

馃挕 The course is designed to be accessible and affordable, addressing the demand for product analytics education that is not prohibitively expensive.

馃摎 By the end of the course, students can expect to have a solid grasp of product analytics and its importance in the field.

00:03:35 Learn the basics of product analytics, best practices, answering analytical questions, building cohort analysis, and understanding key metrics for making informed decisions.

馃搳 Product analytics is the practice of using data to gain insights about user behavior and make informed business decisions.

馃搱 Best practices in product analytics involve creating a measurement plan, using analytics tools to answer analytical questions, and analyzing user journeys and building cohort analysis.

馃攽 Key metrics in product analytics include customer lifetime value (CLV), churn rate, retention, and understanding these metrics can make you knowledgeable in the industry.

00:05:21 Product Analytics is a discipline that connects product, users, and business. It uses data to make informed decisions and improve the product experience.

馃攽 Product analytics involves understanding the interplay between the product, users, and the business.

馃敆 Product analytics connects and analyzes data from all three components to make informed decisions.

馃搳 Product analytics is a data-driven discipline that is integrated throughout the entire data stack.

00:07:08 Learn the process of collecting, processing, modeling, and outputting data in product analytics. Discover the importance of product analytics for businesses.

馃搳 Product analytics involves collecting, processing, storing, and modeling data to generate various outputs.

馃捈 Product analytics is crucial for businesses as it helps in making data-informed decisions and improving user retention.

馃挵 Acquiring users is more expensive than retaining them, highlighting the importance of product analytics.

00:08:54 Learn how to improve user retention, design features based on data, and assess the financial impact of your product decisions with product analytics.

馃攽 Understanding user goals is essential for keeping users happy and engaged.

馃搳 Relying on gut feelings to design product features is outdated and risky.

馃挵 Assessing the financial impact of product decisions is crucial for long-term success.

00:10:39 Learn why product analytics is essential for assessing the financial impact of your product decisions and how to convince others of its value.

馃捈 Product analytics is essential for assessing the financial impact of product decisions and measuring their success.

馃搱 To convince others of the need for product analytics, it is important to demonstrate its value through evidence and facts.

馃幆 This course aims to provide the knowledge and skills to effectively utilize product analytics.

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