IELTS 8 Bands Vocabulary: Travel and Holiday

Learn essential travel and holiday vocabulary for IELTS with this advanced English lesson.

00:00:00 Learn useful words related to travel and holiday in this advanced English lesson. Includes the word 'picturesque', meaning a beautiful location or landscape.

馃攳 The video discusses vocabulary related to travel and holiday.

馃實 One of the words introduced is 'picturesque', which describes a beautiful location or landscape.

馃帴 The video emphasizes the importance of subscribing to the channel and liking and sharing the video.

00:01:03 This video discusses vocabulary related to travel and holidays, including excursion, exotic destinations, and quaint places.

馃帴 Producers choose Kashmir as a filming location for its picturesque scenery.

鉁堬笍 An excursion is a short trip taken to relieve daily stress.

馃實 Exotic destinations like Switzerland attract millions of tourists.

馃彴 Quaint places are old-fashioned and charming.

00:02:08 IELTS 8 BANDS VOCABULARY: Travel and Holiday vocabulary, including traditional villages, breathtaking views, and ecotourism.

馃挕 Punjab villages are attractive for tourists due to their traditional nature and breathtaking views.

馃尶 Ecotourism is a new type of tourism that promotes visiting and preserving natural places.

馃寧 Many nations are using ecotourism to counteract the negative effects of human activities.

00:03:11 An explanation of vocabulary related to travel and holidays, including terms like all-inclusive, full board, and far off destinations.

馃捈 An all-inclusive trip includes all expenses like tickets, accommodation, and meals.

馃摎 Booking a full board package at a hotel includes accommodation and all three meals.

馃實 Far-off destinations are remote places that require travel to reach.

00:04:19 Prefer less populated destinations for vacations. Long-haul flights are tiring. Layovers are preferred for short breaks in London.

馃實 Far destinations for vacations are less populated and more serene.

鉁堬笍 Long-haul flights can be tiring and less preferred by people.

馃洬 Layovers are commonly used during long air travels for short breaks.

00:05:26 Learn essential vocabulary for travel and holidays to score well in IELTS. Avoid crowded tourist destinations and relax on long-haul flights. Subscribe for more advanced vocabulary.

馃實 Traveling from the U.S. to India for a relaxing long-haul journey.

馃摑 Importance of using travel-related vocabulary in IELTS writing and speaking to score well.

馃攷 Explanation of the word 'swarming' and its usage to describe a place full of tourists.

00:06:31 Learn essential vocabulary for travel and holidays with this helpful IELTS 8 bands video.

馃摎 This video provides essential vocabulary for travel and holidays.

鉁堬笍 It covers topics such as transportation and accommodation.

馃尨 The video also includes useful phrases for ordering food and asking for directions.

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