The Untold Power of Linux: The Operating System That Dominates the World

Discover the overlooked and powerful OS, Linux, which runs the world. Learn about its birth, development, security, and scalability, and why it's favored by many over monopolistic corporations.

00:00:00 Linux, the overlooked OS that runs the entire world. From 5.3 billion users to controlling the internet, let's explore what makes Linux so popular and powerful.

🌍 Linux is the most popular operating system, used directly and indirectly by billions of people worldwide.

💻 Linux is widely used in both consumer and enterprise settings, with significant presence in web servers and Fortune 500 companies.

🔒 Linux offers unique capabilities and is controlled by a single individual, exerting influence over the entire internet.

00:01:53 The birth and development of Linux, created by Linus Torvalds, who wanted to use his new hardware without limitations of existing operating systems.

📅 The story of Linux dates back to Linus Torvalds, who developed it as a side project while attending the University of Helsinki.

💻 Linux was created to maximize the potential of new hardware without the limitations of existing operating systems.

🔓 The first version of Linux wasn't open source and had restrictions on commercial use.

00:03:49 The open source OS, Linux, gained popularity with major adopters like NASA and attracted computer giants IBM, Dell, and HP. Commercialization soon followed.

🔑 Linux became popular after being made open source, attracting the attention of major companies like NASA, IBM, Dell, and HP.

💡 NASA chose Linux as a practical alternative to maintain their supercomputers with limited funding.

🌍 The commercialization of Linux led to its transition from a pragmatic solution to a desired solution.

00:05:42 Linux, the highly customizable and secure operating system, is considered superior to Windows and Apple's offerings. Its open-source nature allows for thorough scrutiny, making it arguably the safest OS. It is particularly useful for configuring servers and scaling to accommodate millions of users.

🔑 Unix is the gold standard for programming and managing technical systems, and Windows has its own kernel called Windows NT.

💡 MacOS and iOS are based on Unix, offering stability and security, but lack customization for enterprise software.

🔒 Linux is infinitely customizable and secure due to its open-source nature, making it ideal for configuring servers.

🔍 Linux's open-source nature allows the entire software engineering world to scrutinize its codebase, making it one of the safest OS in the world.

📈 Linux is desirable for companies that deal with the private data of millions of users and offers scalability.

00:07:36 Linux, with its customizability, security, and scalability, is the ideal choice for companies. Its affordability and support make it superior to other options, leading to its skyrocketing adoption in the early 2000s.

🔑 Linux is the best choice for companies in terms of customizability, security, and scalability.

💰 Linux is a cheaper solution compared to offerings from other companies like Microsoft.

💼 With the rapid growth in popularity, Linux provided financial success for Linus despite being open source.

00:09:29 In this video, the speaker discusses the importance of open source software and how the Linux Foundation supports and improves Linux. The speaker also raises the question of whether it is safe for Linux to have so much power and influence.

🌐 Linus advocates for open source software, focusing on using the best solution in the market.

💼 The Linux Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports and improves Linux with funding from companies.

🌍 Linux has grown to be a powerful and influential OS with numerous distros, versions, plugins, and millions of users.

00:11:24 Linux is a community-run operating system that is not subject to the control of any one person or company. It is highly customizable and is favored by many over monopolistic corporations. Despite not receiving mainstream attention, Linux is the background OS that runs the world.

🌐 Linux is a community-driven operating system that encompasses the entire tech world.

💻 Linux is not subject to the greed or mismanagement of any one person or company.

🔧 Users can customize Linux to their liking without jeopardizing the majority.

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