The Inspiring Journey of Cristiano Ronaldo

A journey of perseverance and success. From a young boy with a dream to becoming one of the best football players in the world.

00:00:04 A journey of perseverance and success. From a young boy with a dream to becoming one of the best football players in the world. Facing challenges and overcoming them, Cristiano Ronaldo's story is an inspiration.

🏆 Cristiano Ronaldo's dream of joining a specific club comes true, and he becomes happy and excited about it.

He faces challenges in the beginning but perseveres and becomes a successful player.

💼 Ronaldo's journey includes his rise as a brand and his impact on the field and in marketing.

00:03:57 Cristiano Ronaldo's negotiation with Real Madrid included image rights and marketing. He secured a clothing endorsement and will earn millions from advertisements and endorsements.

👥 Club negotiations include agreements on image rights and marketing.

💼 Cristiano Ronaldo's image rights negotiations with Real Madrid included disagreements over the percentage of revenue.

💰 Ronaldo's image rights and marketing ventures have resulted in significant financial gains.

00:07:27 The story of Cristiano Ronaldo's journey with social media, from initial skepticism to becoming a global phenomenon with record-breaking achievements and awards.

⚽️ Cristiano Ronaldo's athletic achievements, including winning various championships with Real Madrid, are significant.

🏆 He holds multiple records, such as being the top scorer in a single season of the Champions League.

💻 The impact of social media on Ronaldo's career and the hesitation initially shown by companies to create an official Facebook page for him.

00:10:52 Part 2 of the Cristiano Ronaldo series on Al-Dahheh channel. The video discusses the importance of social media in managing Ronaldo's image and brand, emphasizing his massive following and marketing potential.

The real breakthrough for Cristiano Ronaldo's social media presence was during the 2010 World Cup.

The ability to control the message on social media allows Ronaldo to connect with his fans and attract a larger audience.

With over 100 million followers on Facebook, Ronaldo has become a powerful and independent brand.

00:14:29 Cristiano Ronaldo's collaborations have extended beyond football, including a fragrance line and clothing brand CR7 Underwear. He aims to express himself through these projects and expand his brand internationally, particularly in Asia.

📦 In 2015, Cristiano Ronaldo launched his own fragrance, Legacy, in collaboration with Eden Perfumes.

💼 He also partnered with JBS Textile Company to establish a line of underwear called CR7 Underwear.

🌍 Ronaldo aimed to expand his brand internationally, particularly in Asia, where he has a large fan base.

00:17:59 "Cristiano Ronaldo - Part 2 | Al-Daheeh" explores Ronaldo's successful sponsorship and business deals, boosting his earning potential. It highlights his impact on social media and Juventus, as a branding strategy for the club's expansion.

💼 Cristiano Ronaldo signed new sponsorship deals with Mint Media and Peter Lim, greatly increasing his earning potential.

🔥 Cristiano Ronaldo's immense popularity and social media presence enabled him to charge $1.6 million per Instagram post for product promotion.

💰 Cristiano Ronaldo's transfer to Juventus boosted the club's brand and attracted millions of new followers, resulting in significant financial gains.

00:21:34 Ronaldo's second stint with Manchester United ended a 20-year partnership with Jorge Mendes. He became the personal manager for CR7, negotiated a historic deal with Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia, and praised the potential of the Saudi league.

🔑 Miguel and Jose Mourinho are important figures in Ronaldo's career.

💰 Ronaldo's partnership with Jorge Mendes ended after a 20-year collaboration.

🌟 Ricky, a Nike public relations employee, became Ronaldo's personal manager.

💸 Ronaldo signed a historic agreement with a Saudi Arabian club, earning 173 million pounds per season.

The Saudi Arabian league is attracting top players and Ronaldo believes it has the potential to be one of the best in the world.

00:24:50 Cristiano Ronaldo - Part 2 | El Daheeh. The presence of football players in Saudi Arabia can put cities like Jeddah and Riyadh on the global tourism map. It also presents an opportunity for Saudi Arabia to showcase its infrastructure, particularly in sports, and potentially win the World Cup bid in the near future.

⚽️ The presence of football players in certain cities can boost their tourism.

🌍 This can happen even if these players don't succeed on the field.

🏆 It can also help Saudi Arabia showcase its infrastructure and potentially win the World Cup.

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