The Cure - Episode 2: Tackling Chagas Disease with Insecticidal Paint

Exploring the impact of Chagas disease, this episode of The Cure introduces insecticidal paint as a new technology to combat the parasitic illness.

00:00:00 In this episode of The Cure, Dr. Joff Lacy explores a potential solution to Chagas disease, a parasitic illness affecting millions in Central and South America.

🦠 Chagas disease is a parasitic illness found in rural regions of Central and South America, infecting over 10 million people.

🪳 The disease is caused by the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi, which is transmitted by the triamine bug known as vinca.

Chagas disease has an acute phase lasting 2 months with mild symptoms, followed by a chronic stage that can occur years later.

00:01:03 In this episode, the expert Abraham explores the deadly vuka insect and its impact on the heart and digestive organs. No vaccine is available.

🐜 The vuka insect can cause intestinal and cardiac disorders, leading to heart failure and sudden death.

💉 There is currently no vaccine for the vuka insect.

👨‍🔬 Abraham is an expert on the vuka insect and assures that we won't be bitten during this time of day.

00:02:14 The Cure - Episode 2: Parasite Paint explores the devastating impact of Chagas disease in communities and the work of Dr. P Mato in Bolivia.

🔍 Chagas disease has had a devastating impact on communities like oriti, with up to 80% of the population affected.

💔 The pain and suffering caused by Chagas disease infection is severe.

🩺 Dr. P Mato has been working in Bolivia for the past 15 years to combat Chagas disease.

00:03:19 A new technology of insecticidal paint has been developed to combat a parasitic disease. It is more sophisticated and contains embedded micro capsules that release insecticides over several years, allowing for lower chemical concentration and the use of multiple pesticides.

🎨 A new technology called biopolymeric microcapsulation has been developed as an advanced form of insecticidal paint to combat chuga disease.

🔬 This new paint contains insecticides embedded within microcapsules, allowing for a slow release over 2 to 4 years and lower concentration of chemicals.

🌈 By using this paint, multiple different pesticides can be utilized simultaneously, even if they are not compatible when mixed together in traditional insecticidal paints.

00:04:28 In this episode, the team sprays homes to combat a disease. Each home costs $200 to paint, funded by various organizations and donors. Over 15 years, 6,000 homes in 93 communities have been treated, reducing new cases of the disease.

Financial support from organizations and donors has enabled the treatment of 6,000 homes in 93 communities, resulting in a significant decrease in new cases of Chagas disease.

💪 Each home costs approximately $200 to paint, making the treatment affordable and accessible to the communities.

🐜 Insightful discovery: The insect that causes Chagas disease does not bite, leading to a better understanding of prevention methods.

00:05:34 In this episode of The Cure, a new paint is used to combat insect-borne diseases in Ghana. It clears the house of insects within 24 hours.

🏡 Using a specialized paint, houses can be effectively cleared of insects within 24 hours, providing protection against diseases like Chaga, Dengue fever, and malaria.

🌍 This innovative solution is being utilized in communities in Ghana to combat the spread of insect-borne diseases.

🪳 The paint has shown remarkable success in eliminating pests, improving the living conditions of households and preventing illnesses.

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