Understanding Psychosis and Supporting Loved Ones

Learn about the causes of psychosis and how to support someone experiencing it through social activities, work, and a supportive home environment.

00:00:12 Arturo is likely suffering from acute psychosis, causing complications in his thoughts and behavior. It is important to conduct a detailed evaluation to provide a definitive answer.

🔍 Arturo is suffering from acute psychosis, which can cause complications such as disturbed thoughts and behavior, including hearing voices and paranoia.

The reasons for Arturo's condition require further evaluation, but psychosis can be triggered by physical or psychological stress, social pressure, and substance abuse.

💊 Arturo may refuse to accept his illness and reject treatment for psychosis.

00:01:15 Learn about the causes of psychosis and how to support someone experiencing it through social activities, work, and a supportive home environment.

💡 The cause of psychosis is unclear, but a combination of factors can contribute to its onset.

🏠 It is important to create a supportive environment at home and engage in social activities to help with psychosis.

📚 Returning to school or studying at home with a schedule can be beneficial for managing psychosis.

00:02:19 In the second part of the video, mhGAP discusses ways to support a friend struggling with their studies and personal hygiene, while addressing concerns about their future prospects. They explore medication options and their potential side effects.

Offer support to a college student who is struggling with school and personal hygiene.

Encourage the student to engage with others and seek professional help.

Discuss the potential use and side effects of medication as a treatment option.

00:03:24 Arturo will need to take haloperidol twice a day for at least one year. These medications do not cause dependency and will help him feel better and study.

Arturo needs to take medication for at least a year to manage his condition without becoming dependent on it.

He will start with a lower dosage of haloperidol, an antipsychotic, and adjust it based on his reaction and any potential side effects.

It is important for Arturo and his caregiver to understand and agree with the treatment plan.

00:04:27 A continuation of mhGAP's discussion on psychosis, emphasizing the importance of regular follow-ups to monitor progress and adjust treatments.

📚 Regular follow-up is important for monitoring the progress and adjusting the treatment.

Initial follow-up appointments should be frequent, with the possibility of scheduling monthly appointments later.

👨‍⚕️ Arturo and his mother agree to regularly visit the doctor for treatment.

00:05:32 Patients with psychosis respond to treatment. Hopeful for improvement. Arturo is cooperative. Next appointment scheduled.

Patients with psychosis respond well to treatment.

The fact that it is their first episode and they have sought treatment early is hopeful.

Arturo expresses gratitude towards Dr. Alarcón and mentions they are doing well.

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