The Coming Transformation: The Kali Yuga Season Begins

The Kali Yuga Season, a time of darkness and conflict, is the next major global event happening soon.

00:00:00 The video discusses the Kali Yuga cycle and how we are currently living in the apocalypse, a time of major global transformation.

🌍 The video discusses the belief that a major global event is imminent.

The video mentions that this event is happening sooner than expected.

🔮 The video refers to the current period as the 'Kali Yuga,' which is associated with the end times.

00:02:55 The Kali Yuga Season, a time of darkness and conflict, is the next major global event. Materialism, animosity, and injustice prevail. Society loses touch with spirituality and genuine connections.

The Kali Yuga cycle is the current age of darkness and ignorance on Earth, characterized by materialism, hypocrisy, and conflict.

🌍 During this time, human beings lose connection with their true selves and engage in rampant materialistic endeavors.

🔑 The Kali Yuga cycle is marked by famine, disease, overpopulation, extreme animosity, and a lack of spirituality.

00:05:53 The video discusses the concept of the Kali Yuga cycle and its current state. It predicts a major global event soon and emphasizes the need for awareness and preparation.

🔄 We are currently in the final phase of the Kali Yuga cycle, which is characterized by ignorance and deception.

🌍 The next major global event is approaching, signaling the end of The Matrix and the beginning of a new golden age.

🌊 Natural disasters, pandemics, and global challenges are increasing as we move towards this transition.

00:08:49 The Kali Yuga season is ending, and humanity is awakening from ignorance. The age of hypocrisy and deceit is coming to an end as people seek truth and their true selves.

😮 The current cycle of ignorance is coming to an end, and humanity is waking up from the illusion of Maya.

🌍 The world is going through a Great Awakening, indicating the end of the age of ignorance.

🔥 Humanity's disregard for the laws of nature has led to chaos and the need for change.

00:11:44 The next major global event is on its way, and it will happen sooner than you think. People are awakening to the possibility that reality is not what it seems, and that we are not alone in the universe.

🌍 The next major global event is approaching soon.

🔮 There is an 11:11 Awakening happening worldwide, indicating a new beginning and a realization that reality may be a simulation.

👽 Many UFO sightings have been reported, confirming the presence of other entities on Earth.

00:14:38 Prepare for the upcoming major global event that will change everything we know about Earth. Choose love and freedom over fear and slavery in this battle for humanity's hearts and minds.

👽 Alien beings will reveal themselves to humanity, changing everything we know about Earth and human origins.

We are in a rough period called the Kali Yuga, and a major global event is on its way. Not everyone will make it, so we must keep our frequency high and choose love over fear.

🌟 Millions of people waking up to their true power will bring about the birth of the golden age. Only love can set us free.

00:17:33 The next major global event will occur sooner than expected. The Kali Yuga season has begun. Stay aware and trust the universe. One love.

⭐️ The video discusses the beginning of a major global event known as the Kali Yuga season.

🌍 The speaker emphasizes the importance of staying aware and trusting the universe during these end times.

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Summary of a video "The Next Major Global Event Will Happen Sooner Than You Think!! (The Kali Yuga Season Has Begun!!)" by Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) on YouTube.

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