Profitable Products on Etsy: Episode 2

Analyzing profitable products on Etsy: tumblers, apparel, pet bandanas, and custom phone cases. Expect a $280,000 charity profit in 12 months.

00:00:00 In Episode 2 of the print on demand million dollar challenge, the focus is on finding products to sell on Etsy. The speaker emphasizes the importance of personalized print products and researching sales volume on Etsy before launching a product category.

In this video, the speaker discusses the process of selling print on demand products on Etsy.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of sticking with the print on demand business and not comparing one's journey to others.

The speaker provides tips on product research, such as focusing on personalized products and choosing categories with sales potential.

00:04:34 Discover how to identify profitable products on Etsy using the example of tumblers. Analyze personalized products with sales volume and calculate if they yield a profit.

To find profitable products on Etsy, consider the potential sales volume of about 10,000 units per year.

Ensure the product can be personalized and has sales volume.

Calculate the profit by considering the product's cost, shipping, and advertising expenses.

00:09:07 A successful Etsy shop sells profitable and popular ornaments during the Christmas rush. Another shop specializes in selling apparel, with high monthly sales and a one-year history.

šŸ“¦ The video discusses the success of four different products on Etsy.

šŸ’° The first product analyzed is ornaments, which has high sales volume and profitability.

šŸ‘• The second product analyzed is apparel, specifically the Bella canvas 3001 shirt, with high sales volume and profitability.

00:13:39 Analyzing the profitability of a print on demand apparel product on Etsy. Despite selling 60,000 units in the past year, the profit is only $2.51. Testing different pricing and shipping options, a profit of $5.39 can be achieved. Pet bandanas appear to be a promising product, customizable and priced at $7.76.

The first product analyzed is print-on-demand apparel, which has sold 64,000 units on Etsy in the last year.

After calculating costs, it is found that the profit margin for this product is only $2.51 per unit.

The second product considered is custom pet bandanas, which have a lower price point and potential for profitability.

00:18:12 Discovering potential products to sell on Etsy, the video explores custom bandanas, pet tags, and baby accessories, analyzing their monthly sales and profitability.

The video explores different products on Etsy to determine their profitability.

Custom dog bandanas are not profitable due to high costs.

Custom dog tags are a potential profitable product with high sales volume.

Baby onesies are another product category worth exploring for profitability.

00:22:46 In this video, we analyze the profitability of selling baby onesies and custom phone cases on Etsy. Baby onesies are not profitable, but custom phone cases show potential with high sales volume and profitability.

šŸ‘¶ Baby onesies are not profitable on Etsy due to the high production and shipping costs.

šŸ“± Custom phone cases have a high sales volume on Etsy and can be profitable with the right pricing.

šŸ’¼ Personalization is a key factor in selling products on Etsy, and it presents a significant opportunity for sellers.

00:27:21 Learn how to make $1,000,000 on Etsy with just 4 products: apparel, tumblers, phone cases, and Christmas ornaments. Expect a $280,000 profit in the next 12 months, with all profits going to charity.

šŸ’² The video discusses four products that generate a total revenue of $1 million on Etsy in one year: apparel, tumblers, phone cases, and Christmas ornaments.

šŸ“ˆ If the sales targets are met, the estimated profit for the next 12 months would be $280,000 with a profit margin of 28%.

šŸ’Ŗ The speaker is confident that they can achieve the goal of $1 million in revenue and make a significant impact by donating all profits to charity.

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