Live or Automated Webinars: Which is Better for Launches?

Carolina discusses whether live or automated webinars are better for launches. Start with live webinars to gain experience before automating.

00:00:00 In this video, Carolina Millán discusses whether live or automated webinars are better. She recommends doing live webinars for launches, but once you have mastered the process, you can switch to a hybrid format.

🚀 Live webinars are recommended for launching new products or services, especially for beginners.

🤖 Once you gain mastery in your launches, a hybrid format of live and recorded webinars can be used.

💡 Fully automated webinars used to work in the past, but nowadays people prefer shorter and more interactive formats.

00:02:55 Webinars, whether live or automated, are effective for launches. The key is to start with live webinars to gain experience before automating. In finding one's purpose, it is important to explore interests, learn from experts, and take action to discover passion.

🚀 Automated webinars allow for constant availability and don't require a specific time.

💡 Finding your life purpose involves exploring your interests and taking action.

🌟 Your life purpose can change and evolve over time.

00:05:52 A person shares their journey of finding purpose, from quitting their job to helping their family and eventually impacting more people. They emphasize the importance of passion and living one's passion online.

📚 Finding your purpose and passion in life.

💪 Overcoming challenges and obstacles to achieve success.

🎯 The importance of helping and impacting others.

00:08:47 In this video, the speaker discusses the benefits of live webinars vs. automated webinars and provides tips for creating diverse content. They also emphasize the importance of having content pillars and occasionally sharing personal topics. Overall, it's about creating engaging content and inspiring your community.

📺 The video discusses the pros and cons of live webinars versus automated webinars.

🎯 It emphasizes the importance of diversifying content and having four or five content pillars that reflect personal branding and business goals.

💡 The pillars of content can evolve over time and may include topics like artificial intelligence, digital marketing, motivation and inspiration, lifestyle and travel, and personal interests.

00:11:44 Video summary: The speaker answers questions about webinars and gives advice to their past self. Take more risks and analyze previous successful launches for future ones.

🚀 Webinars en vivo y automatizados son discutidos en el video.

🤖 La importancia de analizar y aprender de lanzamientos anteriores.

😊 La recomendación de tomar más riesgos en el pasado para cosechar éxitos en el futuro.

00:14:39 Webinars: Live or Automated? Learning from failures, analyzing offers, increasing attendance, and seeking mentorship. Being in the top 3 of Vilma Núñez's affiliate sales was a super experience.

🚀 Webinars can be either live or automated, and there are factors to consider for each option.

💡 Measuring and analyzing the success of a launch is crucial for improvement.

📊 The quality of the offer and the attendance rate are important factors in the success of a launch.

00:17:33 Webinars: Live or Automated? Sharing personal experience with affiliate marketing. Valuable content, encourage viewer engagement. Follow on Instagram for Q&A.

🚀 Webinars can be either live or automated.

🤖 There are pros and cons to both live and automated webinars.

🌟 Affiliate marketing has been an important source of income for the speaker.

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