Morning Skincare Routine: Customizing Product Layering for Optimal Results

Dermatologist's guide to layering morning skincare products for custom needs. Tips for optimal results, addressing common concerns. Emphasizes sunscreen and moisturizer application.

00:00:00 Dermatologist explains how to layer morning skincare products for different needs, emphasizing customization and flexibility. No strict rules, just tips for optimal results.

The dermatologist explains how to layer morning skincare products.

The morning skincare routine is more extensive and customizable.

Cleansing in the morning can help with skincare pilling and product buildup.

00:02:27 Dermatologist explains the proper morning skincare routine, from gentle cleanser to layering products based on thickness. Also addresses common skin concerns.

🧼 Using a gentle cleanser in the morning prepares the skin for the day without stripping or stressing it out.

💦 Patting the skin dry after cleansing helps to prevent irritation and redness.

🔄 Layering skincare products from thinnest to thickest ensures proper penetration and application.

00:04:55 Dermatologist explains how to layer morning skincare products for congestion and dryness. Demonstrates safe combination of Vitamin C and exfoliants.

👉 Properly layering skincare products is important for effective results.

💦 Using a toner as an exfoliation step can help with relieving congestion.

💧 Incorporating an Essence can provide hydration for dry skin.

00:07:18 Dermatologist explains how to layer products in morning skincare routine. Tips include using the right amount, waiting between steps, and incorporating effective ingredients like peptides and azelaic acid.

🔑 Using a few drops of serum for face, neck, and hands in the morning skincare routine.

💧 The second serum contains peptides, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid for anti-aging and plumping benefits.

⏳ Wait for 30-60 seconds between product application steps to allow for effective layering.

✨ The third serum with azelic acid helps with hyperpigmentation, redness, and breakouts.

00:09:45 Dermatologist explains how to layer products in a morning skincare routine, including tips on combining ingredients and incorporating prescription medications. Eye cream also discussed.

🔑 Azelic acid can be combined with vitamin C in a skincare routine, as long as it doesn't cause irritation.

💡 Consult a healthcare professional, such as a dermatologist, when incorporating prescription medication into a skincare routine.

👁️ Eye cream is optional but can be beneficial for addressing aging and UV damage.

00:12:11 Learn how to properly layer products in your morning skincare routine with this dermatologist's guide. Discover tips on using eye cream, moisturizer, and sunscreen for optimal results. Don't forget the golden rule: always apply sunscreen over moisturizer.

🧴 Applying a recommended eye cream using a small amount and gentle application techniques.

💦 Moisturizing step can be optional if using a moisturizing sunscreen.

🌞 Sunscreen should always be applied on top of moisturizer for effective protection.

00:14:40 Dermatologist explains how to layer products in your morning skincare routine, emphasizing sunscreen and moisturizer application. Lip sunscreen recommendation included. No mention of sponsorships or brand names.

👉 It is important to apply sunscreen over moisturizer to maintain its protective film on the skin.

🤩 The recommended sunscreen is the purito daily soft touch sunscreen, which has a skin-like finish and does not leave a white cast.

💋 The O'Keefe's lip repair is a lip sunscreen that doesn't leave a white cast and has a pleasant taste.

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