Exploring Digital Gardens: Building Salman.io and Enhancing Engagement

Learn about digital gardens and how to integrate them with newsletters for enhanced engagement. Explore the process of building Salman.io and the importance of easy content addition and publication.

00:00:01 In this video, the creator discusses the concept of digital gardens and shares their experience building one. They also talk about the struggles they encountered and how they integrated it into their main website.

🌱 Digital gardens are a concept where individuals publicly share their notes to receive feedback and improve their learning.

🌿 The creator discusses their decision to build a digital garden and the struggles they faced, as well as the new motivation they found for using it.

πŸ’» The creator shares their digital garden website, notes.salman.io, and explains how they integrate it back into their main site for better organization.

00:01:52 Discover how digital gardens can be utilized effectively and how they can be integrated with newsletters to enhance engagement.

🌱 The speaker initially found it challenging to regularly contribute to their digital garden, but they discovered two ways to make it more relevant and active.

πŸ“ The speaker realized that the sections from their weekly newsletter could be turned into great notes for their digital garden.

πŸ”€ The concept of 'flipping the script' was introduced, which involves looking beyond platform metrics and focusing on other important aspects.

00:03:41 This video discusses the benefits of using notes as a way to freely express ideas, link to them, and avoid losing valuable content in newsletters. It also emphasizes the value of sharing the creative process.

πŸ’‘ Taking notes allows for more freedom and the ability to easily reference ideas.

πŸ“Œ Converting newsletter editions into notes helps prevent unique ideas from getting lost.

πŸ”„ Sharing the process is another valuable use case for notes.

00:05:32 A video about the process of writing and building Salman.io, focusing on the idea of peeling the onion and the desire for a cohesive website experience.

πŸ’‘ Writing is like peeling an onion, removing layers to make room for what comes next.

πŸ“ Compilation of personal writing process guide from process learnings.

🌐 Disruption of user experience due to separate website for notes, instead of having everything in one website.

00:07:22 The video explains how the speaker integrated their notes from their separate website into their main website using markdown files and a tool called Obsidian.

🌱 Building Salman.io using different technologies and integrating notes into the main website.

πŸ“ Markdown files used for both websites, allowing easy integration and editing experience.

πŸ’» Using Obsidian, a tool for note-taking, to edit the Markdown files locally.

00:09:13 This video discusses using a folder of markdown files as a vault for Obsidian, allowing for seamless editing and publishing of notes and essays. The presenter emphasizes the importance of easy content addition and publication.

πŸ“ Using Obsidian, you can open a folder of markdown files containing notes and essays in the same repository.

πŸ–‹οΈ It is easy to add and publish content with Obsidian, ensuring a seamless workflow.

πŸ“š The speaker feels more organized with the ability to list videos and have everything immersed in one place.

00:11:02 Learn how to optimize SEO, integrate a landing page for your art, and add animation and color to your site. Discover the benefits of markdown publishing in this video.

🌱 Integrating a newsletter landing page and a gallery on the website to showcase best editions and art.

πŸ” Focus on optimizing SEO and integrating a landing page for art.

🎨 Exploring ways to make the site more visually appealing with animation and color.

Summary of a video "[Building Salman.io] 🌱 Digital Gardens" by Salman Ansari on YouTube.

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