Japanese Anki Cards Livestream and Language Learning Discussion

Livestream of sentence mining 20,000 Japanese Anki cards and discussion about video editing, motivation, Minecraft nostalgia, and future language learning content.

00:00:14 Livestream of Japanese sentence mining and Anki card review. Discussion about video editing and motivation for learning Japanese.

đŸ“ē The livestream is about finishing the Anki cards and starting sentence mining in Japanese.

⏰ The host shares how little time it takes to finish the 2k6k deck, and hopes the 20k cards will eventually take the same amount of time.

🎮 The host plans to watch a Minecraft series for sentence mining, as it is comprehensive and not yet mined.

00:33:10 Livestream of sentence mining 20,000 Japanese Anki cards. Explains Minecraft nostalgia and childhood gaming experiences. Shares plans for future language learning content.

📝 This video is about Minecraft and the experience of playing the game, including the challenges of purchasing the full version and how it is more common to pirate games in certain regions.

🎮 The transcript also touches on the nostalgia of the game and how certain elements, like the background music and in-game mechanics, bring back fond memories for the speaker.

🔍 The speaker mentions the process of sentence mining and how it can be used as a language learning technique, providing examples of words he has come across while watching and analyzing videos in Japanese.

01:05:59 A livestream on sentence mining Japanese Anki cards with the Yabai window manager. The streamer discusses the benefits of sentence mining and showcases different episodes of a Minecraft Let's Play series.

📚 Sentence mining is a beneficial method for learning Japanese vocabulary.

🔊 Pitch accent colors in sentence mining can enhance reading out loud and overall readability.

🕹ī¸ The Minecraft Let's Play series discussed in the video provides comprehensible input and normal Japanese.

01:39:08 Japanese Anki Cards Livestream, Sentence Mining, and exploring new words. Last time ever. Viewer requests for continuing the livestream.

📚 The video is about the process of sentence mining and creating Anki cards for Japanese language learning.

⛏ī¸ The speaker emphasizes the importance of mining new words, even if they seem familiar, due to variations in pitch accent and usage.

🎨 There is discussion about the differences between Japanese and Western versions of certain words and symbols.

02:12:09 Livestream of sentence mining with 20,000 Japanese Anki cards. Exploring new words and discussing language nuances. Overcoming formatting issues with Anki cards.

The speaker discusses the process of sentence mining and the importance of context in choosing which words to mine.

They mention their goal of reaching a certain number of Anki cards and their decision to change content for their livestream.

The speaker encounters new words during the livestream and discusses issues with their Anki cards.

02:45:18 Livestream summary: Sentence mining Japanese Anki cards. Last few cards left. Wondering which video to use for final cards. Enjoyed Mac hardware, struggling with output. Mention of indigenous people of Hokkaido.

The speaker is engaging in sentence mining and finding new words for their Anki deck.

They discuss the challenges of finding subtitles for videos and the potential of a multilingual subtitle generation tool.

They mention their struggle with finding a new keyboard and their thoughts on using a Mac for Japanese learning.

03:18:27 Livestream where the speaker discusses a bug with the ime on Mac that duplicates words. They announce their completion of 20K Anki cards and their plans to focus on immersion and output rather than daily quotas.

📚 The speaker discusses a bug with the IME on Mac that duplicates words when switching spaces and causes input to freeze.

đŸĨŗ The speaker celebrates reaching a milestone of 20,000 Anki cards for Japanese language learning, marking the end of adding new cards.

🎉 The speaker expresses excitement about having more time for immersion and output instead of focusing on daily card quotas and sentence mining.

Summary of a video "20,000 Japanese Anki Cards Livestream! My Last Time Ever Sentence Mining!" by Livakivi on YouTube.

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