ALTO PERÚ 2019: A Journey of Transformation and Achievement

ALTO PERÚ 2019: Explore a transformative neighborhood that promotes education through sports, games, and shared knowledge, fostering a sense of family and achieving remarkable sports results.

00:00:00 ALTO PERÚ 2019: Discover the magical neighborhood that transformed into an alternative school, promoting education through sports, games, and shared knowledge.

🏢 ALTO PERÚ is a magical neighborhood that started as a small group of kids running and has now become an alternative education school.

🏫 ALTO PERÚ offers an inclusive and active education model that combines sports, games, and wisdom from various cultures and religions.

🌍 ALTO PERÚ believes that every neighborhood in the world has accumulated wisdom and can share knowledge for the betterment of its community.

00:01:03 In Alto Peru, everyone becomes part of a family, working hard and achieving incredible sports results. The mindset changes, opportunities arise, and people pursue their dreams.

🌟 In Alto Perú, everyone becomes part of a family and takes pride in using what is available.

🏆 There have been impressive sports achievements, including two Muay Thai world championships.

🌎 People have traveled the world and gained numerous opportunities through sports.

00:02:05 ALTO PERÚ 2019 is a chance for the Peruvian family to grow together and improve the country, like a positive sports gang.

🇵🇪 ALTO PERÚ offers a unique opportunity for personal growth and family bonding in Peru.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 ALTO PERÚ is like a positive sports gang that helps strengthen relationships.

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