Empowering Individuals and Communities in Peru

An NGO in Peru empowers individuals through personal development, promoting creativity and culture in schools, and supporting women's empowerment.

00:00:19 Juan Diego Calisto and Ruwasunchis are an NGO focused on empowering individuals to be agents of change through personal development. They work together with the community and volunteers to create a better Peru and world.

馃實 Our organization focuses on creating positive change through personal development and empowerment.

馃 We work collaboratively with the community and volunteers to improve Peru and the world.

馃挕 Our goal is to develop interpersonal and intra-personal skills in individuals, making them agents of their own change.

00:01:22 Working with children in public schools, we promote creativity, art, and culture to address the lack of these in their education. We also provide opportunities for authentic career choices and support women's empowerment through businesses and income generation.

馃帹 We focus on promoting creativity, art, and culture for children in public schools and at-risk youth.

馃捈 We also provide opportunities for women to start businesses and generate income.

馃實 Our holistic approach includes working with the community, psychologists, and promoting general well-being.

00:02:26 A group of artists came together to teach various art forms and inspire others to pursue their dreams. The impact has been evident in people gaining confidence and starting businesses. Empowering others to dream is the most valuable aspect.

馃懃 The organization contacted different artists who bought into the dream of teaching and expanded from 5 to 15 teachers.

馃専 One of the most significant outcomes is the transformation in individuals, such as a young person leaving a gang and a shy lady gaining confidence to speak publicly and dance.

馃尡 The organization empowers individuals to pursue their dreams and inspire others in the community to do the same.

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