Shocking Revelation: Milei's Alleged Involvement in Bribery May Have Legal Consequences

Controversial leaked information about Milei's alleged involvement in bribery could lead to legal consequences.

00:00:00 Earna, the owner of a company, turned against Milei, a former economist, causing controversy. The world is upside down.

👥 The owner of an airport company changed his support from Javier Milei to Patricia Bullrich.

👩‍💼 The owner is described as an exemplary entrepreneur with a strong influence in Argentina.

🗞️ There is criticism towards Milei for his association with the owner and his changing support.

00:01:12 A shocking revelation about MILEI could lead him to prison. Strong support for Patricia Bullrich and the candidate of freedom. Mi Ley's collaboration with corporate and business structures is exposed. Courage is needed to speak up.

The video discusses the actions of Patricia bullrich and her support for the candidate of freedom.

Mi ley and his close collaborators have connections to the same corporate and business structures as Patricia bullrich.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of speaking out and being brave in expressing opinions.

00:02:23 Controversial leaked information about Milei's alleged involvement in bribery could lead to legal consequences. Media panic ensues.

📰 The video discusses the issue of censorship and how some journalists and businessmen are realizing its impact on society.

🔍 There are allegations against Javier and El Viejardo regarding possible bribery for a vote on airport taxes.

💼 Javier Milei is linked to an entrepreneur who allegedly benefited from the situation.

00:03:35 A YouTube video reveals shocking information about a prominent figure that could lead to legal consequences. The video also exposes deceitful tactics used by a politician.

📢 MILEI is accused of receiving a large sum of money from a political figure.

💼 MILEI is now regarded as an honest entrepreneur who supports the plan of common sense.

🤦‍♂️ Evidence suggests that MILEI may be masking his appearance, particularly his neck, to hide his double chin.

00:04:46 A video titled 'Canosa leaked FORBIDDEN INFORMATION about MILEI that could land him in JAIL 'He's wearing makeup'. The content discusses political violence and a president's focus on appearance rather than the country's issues.

🔍 The video discusses the leaked information about Milei that could potentially lead to legal consequences.

💥 The speaker criticizes Milei for focusing more on personal grooming than addressing the issues affecting millions of Argentines.

😮 The video highlights the absurdity of having a presidential candidate excessively concerned with the color of their double chin rather than important matters.

00:06:00 Controversial claims made about MILEI's alleged use of makeup to hide cosmetic procedures, raising questions about his image and credibility.

📰 There are suspicions that Javier Milei may have used makeup or lighting effects to enhance his appearance and hide a possible chin surgery.

🤷‍♂️ It's unclear whether Javier Milei actually uses makeup regularly or if he had a chin surgery for health or aesthetic reasons.

🗳️ There are calls to vote for Patricia instead of Milei, citing his alleged use of makeup and multiple surgeries.

00:07:12 Javier Milei shares data exposing pollution from packaging, promoting a different political candidate. Controversial actions may lead to legal consequences.

📌 Javier Milei is being criticized for promoting an unhealthy lifestyle and making false claims.

🔍 He exaggerates the negative impact of food packaging and tries to justify voting for Patricia.

🌡️ Milei's behavior is becoming increasingly erratic, from adding sugar to coffee to now wearing makeup.

Summary of a video "Canosa filtró DATOS PROHIBIDOS de MILEI que lo podría llevar a LA CARCEL "Se maquilla"" by LEVANTÀ LA PALA 2 on YouTube.

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