Inside Guido Ice Cream Factory: A Virtual Tour

Experience a 360° virtual tour of Guido ice cream factory and learn about their high standards and premium ingredients.

00:00:00 Take a virtual tour of the Guido ice cream factory and discover their high standards and use of premium ingredients.

🍦 Guido invites you to take a close look at how they make your favorite ice cream.

🐄 They source the best milk from the province of Córdoba in Argentina as the key ingredient.

🏭 Their unique milk concentration process ensures that their ice cream is made with 100% premium raw materials.

00:01:06 Take a 360° tour of our factory where we receive and analyze high-quality ingredients for our delicious ice cream. Our rigorous quality control ensures a safe and creamy product.

🧪 Ingredients such as sugar, cocoa, bananas, strawberries, nuts, and almonds are analyzed for quality before being used in the ice cream production process.

🔬 The quality control team at Grido ensures rigorous quality checks on the raw materials and every stage of the production process to maintain the highest standards.

🍦 The mixture of milk, cream, sugar, and cocoa is homogenized and pasteurized before undergoing a maturation process to create a creamy and delicious texture in the ice cream.

00:02:10 Take a 360° tour of our factory and learn how we create creamy ice cream flavors, including chocolate, fruits, cookies, sauces, and nuts, with a special focus on our Scottish-style bonbons with a caramel filling.

The video shows the process of making ice cream in a factory.

Different flavors of ice cream are made by adding fruit juices and other essences to the mixture.

The ice cream is then frozen and can be coated with chocolate or other toppings.

00:03:14 360° factory tour. Indulge in irresistible chocolate treats, filled with dulce de leche and topped with crunchy peanuts. Family-sized pots with automatic lids. 15 flavors and eco-friendly packaging.

The video showcases our chocolate factory and its delicious products.

We offer a variety of flavors and packaging options, including a new environmentally friendly pack.

The products are made using high-quality ingredients and have a QR code for more information.

00:04:17 Take a 360° tour of our factory. Discover our delicious frozen products and state-of-the-art facilities. Join us in the sweet experience of enjoying our frozen treats.

🍰 Our factory produces delicious frozen cakes with cream or dulce de leche, including varieties with Oreo and Milka cookies.

❄️ Our factory has one of the largest cold rooms in South America, storing 12 million kilograms of frozen products.

🌍 We distribute our frozen products to franchises in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Paraguay.

Summary of a video "Visitá nuestra Fábrica en 360°" by Grido Helado on YouTube.

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