Designing Websites: Wine and Design Ep 16

Learn how to design websites for in this episode of Wine and Design

00:00:00 In this video, Megan talks about designing websites for and shares her experience with a new wine. She explains why she chose Showit for this project and discusses the features she likes about the wine.

💻 The video is about designing websites using for an e-commerce project.

🍷 The host discusses a new wine she found with a unique label design.

👩‍💻 She explains her decision to use Showit instead of her usual platform, Divi, for this particular client.

00:03:36 In this video, the creator designs a website using Adobe XD, finding inspiration from minimalistic candle companies and using photos from Unsplash.

🎯 The video is about designing websites for a specific company.

💡 The designer searches for inspiration and finds minimalist websites to use as a reference.

🖼️ The designer looks for images that match the client's brand and adds filters for a cohesive look.

00:07:15 This video showcases the process of designing websites using The designer discusses font choices, image optimization tools, and the incorporation of relatable images.

Using a questionnaire, the designer plans the website's menu and selects fonts.

A tool called is recommended for compressing and optimizing web images.

Lorem ipsum text is used as placeholder content for the copywriter.

Including images of real people on the website adds relatability and breaks up text and product images.

00:10:49 In this episode of Wine and Design, learn how to design websites for a popular platform. Explore different sections for various products.

📝 The video discusses the design of websites for, specifically focusing on showcasing various products.

🛍️ The creator plans to have a separate section for different products like soaps, bath items, and candles.

🔍 Rather than having a prominent shop section, the shop option will be placed towards the bottom of the page to emphasize the diverse range of offerings.

00:14:34 In this video, the creator discusses the process of designing websites for They search for the perfect image and font to enhance the site's aesthetics.

🖼️ Choosing a visually appealing image for the website was challenging due to its dark appearance, but the Pompous Grass image with a beige tone was selected.

💻 Compressing images before exporting them for website building can save a lot of time and effort, as resizing them later on the site can be troublesome.

🔤 A script font was purchased from Create a Market and will be used consistently throughout the website.

00:18:16 In this video, the speaker discusses the importance of having reviews on a website and how to design a review system. They also mention adding a colored box for visual appeal and maintaining consistency throughout the site.

💡 Having reviews on the home page is important for a website, just like on Amazon.

🎨 Adding a colored box behind the reviews section to make it visually appealing.

🔲 Maintaining consistency by using boxed areas throughout the site.

00:21:51 Learn how to design websites for in this episode of Wine and Design. Watch as the creator adds shop functionality to the website, creating a calm and peaceful design.

💡 The designer added consistent elements throughout the webpage to create visual cohesion.

💻 A shop area was included at the bottom of the webpage to allow for quick shopping.

👍 The designer is happy with the final result and hopes the video inspired and motivated viewers.

Summary of a video "HOW I DESIGN WEBSITES FOR SHOWIT.CO || Wine and Design Ep 16" by Megan Weeks on YouTube.

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