Exploring Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs in the Neuquen Basin - Module 12

Immersive virtual course on Field - Module 12 explores conventional and unconventional reservoirs in the Neuquen Basin and the characteristics of different rock formations.

00:00:03 In this immersive virtual course, Module 12 introduces the concept of conventional reservoirs in the Neuquen Basin, focusing on Vaca Muerta shale formation and its geological characteristics.

Today's field trip is to the central sector of the Neuquen Basin.

The video discusses conventional reservoirs and the petrological system.

The sedimentation rate and the formation of channels in the Vaca Muerta shale are also mentioned.

00:04:56 Module 12 of the immersive virtual course on Campo. Exploring different rock formations and discussing the migration of hydrocarbons.

📚 The video discusses the geological formations in a specific location.

⛰️ It highlights the transition from offshot shales to fluvial conglomerate deposits.

⚠️ The speaker challenges the traditional belief of oil migration and emphasizes the role of overpressure.

00:09:53 This video discusses the different formations present in the Cuenca Neuquina. It emphasizes the importance of proper categorization and correlation in understanding the geological history of the basin.

🔑 The video discusses the different formations in the Cuenca region, including the Vaca Muerta and Quituco formations.

💡 There is a correlation between the conglomerates found in the center of the Cuenca region and the Vaca Muerta formation.

🧩 The presence of a significant discontinuity called the intra-balanginian discontinuity is explored, which has led to the formation of the Bajada Colorada.

00:14:44 Immersive virtual course on Field - Module 12. Explores the evolution of rocks from plastics to diagenesis and the impact on porosity and permeability. Conglomerates as good reservoirs despite poor selection.

📚 During diagenesis, rocks can lose porosity, especially fine-grained sands.

💪 Coarse-grained rocks, like conglomerates, are more resistant to diagenesis and can limit the presence of fine-grained materials.

🌊 Conglomerates can act as good reservoirs due to their high permeability, even with poor grain selection.

00:19:37 This video discusses the characteristics of reservoirs and sediment dynamics in turbidite reservoirs. It also explores unconventional reservoirs in the Puerta Curaco area.

🌀 In a turbidite reservoir with roof load, there are two peaks: conglomerates and turbidites.

🌊 The presence of clay minerals in the suspended load of a turbidite reservoir is critical for diagenesis.

🗻 The contact between lacustrine deposits and the Vaca Muerta formation is important in the Puerta Curaco area.

00:24:34 Virtual immersive course about Field - Module 12. Levels of isolated concretions are observed. Sedimentation pauses are more important in the internal zone. The behavior of a horizontal well when encountering a concretion is explained. A mamelonar shape is formed by the union of isolated concretions.

📚 Different levels of concretions can be observed in the sedimentation zones, indicating pauses in sedimentation and deeper sedimentation zones having more continuous concretions.

🔍 The behavior of a horizontal well when encountering concretions is discussed, highlighting the potential changes in gamma ray readings and the possibility of encountering fractures.

🌍 The formation of irregular limestone banks through the combination of isolated concretions is demonstrated, showcasing the varying topography in sedimentary environments.

00:29:29 Exploring ancient sand formations in Module 12 of the immersive virtual course on campo. Discovering unique characteristics of accumulated sands and their impact on permeability and fracturing.

The video is about an immersive virtual course on Campo.

The location is in the central sector, with a reservoir of sands and a Jurassic anticline structure.

The sands in the formation have deformities and normal faults, indicating accumulation by turbidity currents.

Summary of a video "Curso virtual inmersivo de Campo - Módulo 12" by G.C.S Argentina on YouTube.

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