Easy Engine Production and Wholesale Distribution for High Profits

A profitable project involving the production and distribution of motor engines with high demand and profit margins.

00:00:10 A profitable project that involves the production and wholesale distribution of motor engines. It has high demand and profit margins, with low-cost and easily accessible raw materials.

💡 The video discusses a unique and profitable business project.

🚗 The project involves the production and distribution of a car lubricant product.

💰 The profit potential of the project is over 100%, providing a significant return on investment.

00:01:44 Easy manufacturing and wholesale distribution of small capital engines project with high profits. Learn the requirements and raw materials for the project.

📌 The marketing and distribution of the project is very easy, with large quantities and in various locations.

📋 The requirements for the project include preparing necessary documents such as commercial registration and tax permits.

🔧 The main raw material for the project is used car oil or general machine oil, which can be obtained at low prices.

00:03:16 Easy engine production with low capital, wholesale distribution, and high profits. Raw materials include oil, gear, calcium carbonate, and sulfuric acid.

The video discusses the components needed for a small engine production project.

The narrator mentions three key materials, including used oil, raw material, and sulfuric acid.

The required equipment includes an oil filtration device, a metal basin with a motor, and a sensitive scale.

00:04:50 A small capital project of engine production, easy manufacturing and wholesale distribution with high profits.

🔧 The video explains the process of manufacturing and distributing engines by removing impurities from the oil and heating it.

⚖️ Different sizes of plastic containers are used to package the final product, ranging from 500 grams to 20 kilograms, based on market demand.

📦 The packaged product is stored in metal barrels for 48 hours before final distribution.

00:06:24 Easy manufacturing and wholesale distribution of motors with high profits.

Obtaining raw materials for the project is easy, especially gears and sulfuric acid, which can be purchased from various sources.

Used car oil, which is needed in large quantities, can be acquired through auctions held by public transportation companies, such as bus companies.

Large quantities of used oil can also be obtained from railways and private transport, as well as maintenance workshops.

The cost of production and potential profitability of the project can be calculated based on the cost of producing a ton of grease and the selling price of used car oil.

00:07:58 Easy manufacturing and wholesale distribution of engines with high profits. Cost of production per kilo is 13 pounds, market prices range from 25 to 200 pounds.

📦 The video discusses the process and cost of manufacturing and distributing a product in bulk.

💰 The production cost of one ton of the product is around 13,000 EGP, while the selling price can range from 40 EGP to 200 EGP per kilo.

📈 By selling one ton of the product at 40,000 EGP, there is a net profit of 20,000 EGP.

00:09:32 Learn how to start a small capital project for engine production, easy manufacturing, and wholesale distribution with high profits.

🚀 Easy manufacturing of motor engines with high profits.

🏭 Targeting industrial areas for distribution.

🛠️ Distributing products to maintenance workshops and spare parts stores.

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