Pitching a Popular Cuisine: Seeking $1M Investment for Expansion

Entrepreneurs pitch a convenient version of a popular cuisine, asking for $1M for 3% equity. Sharks impressed with impressive sales and potential.

00:00:00 Entrepreneurs pitch a convenient version of a popular cuisine. They ask for $1M in exchange for 3% of their company. Sharks are impressed with the product and its potential.

🦈 A Korean barbecue brand called CUPBOP is seeking a $1M investment from the Sharks on Shark Tank.

🍽️ CUPBOP offers a convenient version of Korean barbecue in a cup, with various ingredients like sweet potato noodles and a spicy sauce called Chapter.

💰 The entrepreneurs behind CUPBOP are passionate about expanding the presence of Asian cuisine and believe there is room for growth in the Quick Service restaurant industry.

00:02:03 Shark Tank entrepreneurs seek $1M investment for their popular and spicy beef and pork dish. Impressive sales of $18.7 million and 27 brick and mortar stores in 8 years.

🌶️ CUPBOP offers a spicy beef and pork mix dish with customizable spice levels.

💰 Their gross margin is around 75% and they have generated $18.7 million in sales in the past year.

🚚 Started as a food truck, CUPBOP now has 27 brick and mortar stores.

🌟 Despite COVID-19, CUPBOP experienced growth in sales through takeout, delivery, and increased same-store sales.

00:04:07 CUPBOP, a Korean brand, seeks $1M investment on Shark Tank to expand their business to 2,000 stores and offer a unique customer experience.

🦈 CUPBOP, a Korean restaurant, is seeking $1M investment from the sharks in Shark Tank.

💼 The founders already own half of the business and raised money through organic cash flow.

🚚 During COVID, CUPBOP pivoted to a delivery business and had great success.

00:06:12 A Korean entrepreneur shares his incredible journey of coming to the US and starting the first Korean national brand. He asks for $1M investment on Shark Tank.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 The entrepreneur shares a personal story about his family immigrating to the US and the sacrifices they made for the American dream.

💪 He emphasizes the importance of hard work and seizing opportunities in order to achieve success.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💖 The entrepreneur reflects on his own experience as a parent and the deep love and gratitude he has for his family.

00:08:19 CUPBOP seeks $1M for 3% equity with a $33M valuation. Sharks impressed with growth rate and cash flow. Multiple offers received.

💰 The entrepreneurs are asking for $1 million for a 3% stake in their company, with a valuation of $33 million.

📈 The growth rate of the company has been impressive, with 10 more stores planned to open by the end of the year.

🦈 Two Sharks make offers, but one believes the valuation is too high and the other wants a larger stake in the company.

00:10:26 Entrepreneurs on Shark Tank seek $1M investment for CUPBOP, a fun brand with huge potential. Mark offers $1M for 7% equity, while others offer loans. Marketing and PR expertise sought.

👥 The business is valued at $18 million and the entrepreneurs are seeking $1 million from the Sharks.

💰 Multiple Sharks offer a million dollar loan, ranging from 3-8% interest and 5-7% equity.

📣 Mark offers $1 million for 7% equity with the promise to provide marketing and PR support.

00:12:33 Entrepreneurs pitch their business on Shark Tank, asking for $1M in exchange for equity. After negotiations, they agree on a deal for 5% equity.

💼 The entrepreneurs are asking for $1 million in exchange for equity.

🤝 The negotiation settles at a 5% equity stake for the investment.

🚀 The entrepreneurs express excitement and optimism about the opportunity.

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