Master the Art of Intelligent Speaking

Learn how to speak intelligently through mindset reset, high-quality thoughts, and confident presentation. Embrace qualities of leaders like Steve Jobs and Martin Luther King. Use thought triggers and metaphors for creative expression. Improve word retrieval with post-speaking audit.

00:00:00 Learn how to speak intelligently by resetting your mindset, stimulating high-quality thoughts, and articulately presenting them. Discover the three types of intelligence speaking and the importance of extemporaneous communication.

πŸ—£οΈ There are three types of intelligence speaking: expertise, expression, and extemporaneous.

🧠 Speaking extemporaneously can unlock the full intellect one possesses.

πŸ’‘ The three M's of mindset in speaking: Me, Message, and Mindset.

00:02:52 Learn how to speak intelligently by becoming a vessel for your beliefs. Embrace the qualities of confident communicators like Steve Jobs and Martin Luther King. Use a value prism to ground your mind before speaking.

πŸ—£οΈ The way we speak impacts how people listen to us.

πŸ’‘ Being a messenger requires speaking from our beliefs and experiences.

🌟 Confident and effective communication can be achieved by disconnecting from seeking validation.

πŸ”‘ Creating a value prism helps ground our thoughts and shape our mindset before speaking.

00:05:47 Learn to speak intelligently by pruning your qualifiers and using thought triggers to channel your thoughts into thoughtful and truthful answers.

πŸ—οΈ Reducing qualifiers allows for more authentic expression.

🧠 Many struggle to articulate their thoughts effectively.

❓ Asking specific questions can help channel thoughts into meaningful answers.

00:08:38 Learn how to speak intelligently by asking genuine questions, employing metaphors, and using thought wrappers to introduce your ideas creatively.

πŸ” The key is to ask genuine questions to uncover defaults or desires.

🌳 Metaphors can be used to develop and enrich thoughts.

πŸ–‹οΈ Thought wrappers are creative expressions that introduce ideas in a smart fashion.

00:11:29 Learn how to speak intelligently by using thought rappers. Thought rappers help you express your thoughts in a fresh and attention-grabbing way, avoiding obvious introductions. Conduct a post-speaking audit to improve word retrieval.

Thought rappers can be rehearsed casual expressions or calculated structures.

Thought rappers help introduce fresh and unordinary arrangements of words.

Post-speaking audit helps improve word retrieval and verbal weaknesses.

00:14:23 Learn how to speak intelligently by using the PSA method, which involves repeating phrases, modifying wording, consulting a thesaurus, and using poems for inspiration. Embrace the imperfect nature of communication and expand your vocabulary for more precise language.

πŸ—£οΈ Using the PSA method to improve speaking skills and language precision.

πŸ“š Utilizing tools like a thesaurus and poems to enhance wording.

⏰ The process takes 3-5 minutes and helps bridge the gap between thoughts and spoken words.

00:17:17 Learn to speak intelligently by developing forward momentum with your speech, committing to completing each sentence, and reading high quality books aloud.

πŸ’‘ Intelligent speakers maintain forward momentum and deliver rich and vibrant speech.

πŸš‚ Maintaining a train of thought and creating coherent sentences is crucial for intelligent speaking.

πŸ“š Reading books aloud helps in developing ideas and using well-constructed sentences.

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