Issues with Weak Signal and Online Gameplay in eFootball 2023 Mobile

A major problem in eFootball 2023 mobile game is weak signal and online issues, causing lag and delay in gameplay. Lack of opponents and matchmaking problems are also present.

00:00:01 In this video, the speaker discusses a major problem they encountered while playing efootball 2023. The problem is related to weak signal and online issues, causing lag and delay in gameplay.

🎮 The video discusses a major issue in the online mode of the efootball 2023 game.

🔁 The problem is related to weak signal strength and frequent lag and delays in gameplay.

🚫 The player suggests trying different network settings and removing unnecessary restrictions to resolve the issue.

00:01:07 A review of the eFootball 2023 mobile game reveals significant online gameplay issues and signal problems, with a lack of opponents and a major problem in matchmaking.

There are significant problems with the online mode and signal weakness in efootball 2023.

The game lacks quality and often matches with weak opponents, leading to a lack of competition.

The issues with the online mode should not be expected from a big company.

00:02:13 A discussion about online gaming problems and weak signal in efootball 2023, without mentioning sponsorships or brand names or subscriptions.

📶 Online connectivity issues are not always related to routers or network.

💰 There is a problem with the in-game currency in Konami's efootball 2023.

⚽️ Previously, players could earn coins easily through matches, but now they have to purchase them.

00:03:22 Online issues and weak signal in efootball 2023. Avoid wasting coins on useless items. Be cautious of Konami's profit-driven approach.

🔑 Spending coins on unnecessary items can leave you unable to purchase packages and frustrated with the game.

💰 Purchases might be required to replenish your coins, but it's important to be cautious with spending on trainers and other items.

📦 Upcoming powerful packages should be prioritized over unnecessary expenditures, ensuring you have enough coins to utilize them.

00:04:27 Issues with online and weak signal in PES 2023 mobile. A Friday update will fix the problems. Like, subscribe, and turn on notifications.

🔑 The speaker addresses the low signal strength and connectivity issues with a specific mobile game.

💡 There will be an update released on Friday that aims to fix these problems.

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