Optimize Productivity with Neuroscience: Trick Your Brain to Work

Improve productivity and overcome planning traps with a neuroscience-based scheduling method. Balance manager and maker tasks for maximum efficiency. Trick your brain to work and overcome procrastination.

00:00:00 Discover how to optimize your brain's productivity and overcome planning traps with a scientifically-backed scheduling method. Learn how to balance manager tasks and maker tasks for maximum efficiency.

To-do lists can significantly impact our brain and emotions, influencing our productivity and motivation.

📅 Adopting a six plus one day week schedule, based on the maker versus manager concept, can enhance organization and efficiency.

🧠 The video sheds light on how to optimize scheduling to improve intelligence, memory, and workflow.

00:01:59 Learn how to optimize your productivity by scheduling your tasks according to neuroscience principles. Avoid interruptions to stay in the flow and accomplish more.

💡 Mixing tasks can hinder productivity and flow.

📅 Schedule dedicated project days and one manager day per week.

🕒 People are bad at estimating how long tasks will take.

00:03:59 Learn how to improve your intelligence and productivity by effectively using a to-do list and externalizing your thoughts. Reduce cognitive load and free up your working memory to perform better at tasks.

📝 Using a to-do list at the right time improves intelligence and task performance.

🧠 Externalizing tasks frees up working memory, leading to better performance.

💡 Having a low friction to-do list helps handle intrusive thoughts and tasks effectively.

00:05:59 Learn a neuroscience-based scheduling technique to improve productivity and reduce anxiety. Use pen and paper to journal about tasks and prioritize effectively.

💡 Writing down tasks and thoughts on paper can improve work performance and reduce anxiety.

📝 Prioritization is key to overcoming procrastination and effective work.

🖊️ Journaling about tasks and feelings can help unblock pressure and increase productivity.

00:07:58 Learn how to trick your brain into being productive by scheduling tasks effectively and prioritizing them. Improve motivation and overcome procrastination.

🧠 Understanding the reasons behind procrastination and addressing them can lead to a more organized to-do list.

Treating schedules as evolving experiments and prioritizing tasks effectively can enhance productivity.

✍️ Writing specific and detailed tasks on the to-do list increases the likelihood of completing them.

00:09:57 Learn how scheduling and task organization can trick your brain into being more productive. Also, discover the benefits of having a separate to-do list for projects and the potential of video editing for making money.

💡 Breaking down tasks into specific details increases the likelihood of follow-through.

📝 Having a separate to-do list for projects helps stimulate subconscious problem-solving.

💰 Video editing on Skillshare can be a profitable and enjoyable addition to your to-do list.

00:11:57 Learn how to schedule effectively using neuroscience techniques to trick your brain into being more productive. Great for creative individuals looking to monetize their skills.

🧠 Learning video editing is an enjoyable and valuable skill that can be monetized.

💸 Video editing is in high demand, and there are opportunities to make money by working with YouTubers.

📚 Skillshare offers a one-month free trial for learning video editing.

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