Coding from Scratch: Python, Web Development, and Hackathon Tips

Learn coding from scratch, starting with Python and basic concepts. Build a website using Python and JavaScript. Explore tools like Django, Flask, Express.js, and React. Overcome doubts and participate in hackathons to enhance learning.

00:00:00 Learn to code from scratch to advanced with a mix of languages for various purposes, without getting caught up in the details.

👉 Starting with Scratch and progressing through various languages.

🎯 Learning specific languages for different purposes: recursion, memory management, web development, etc.

Realizing that C and C++ are the most useful languages, as others are derivatives of them.

00:01:22 A discussion on the best approach to learning coding, avoiding difficulties in starting with advanced languages or topics.

👨‍💻 Start by learning the languages C and C++, as they share the same ancestor and provide a solid foundation.

💡 Focus on creating something useful but not too complex, such as solving basic math problems and printing solutions on the screen.

🤔 Avoid starting with advanced topics like machine learning, as it involves learning computer science basics, Python, and advanced math simultaneously, which can be overwhelming.

00:02:43 Learn to code before learning to program. Start with Python for its simplicity and ease of learning. Understand basics of coding like variables, functions, data structures, and control flow.

📝 Coding is writing code to solve computer science problems, while programming is using coding to make programs that solve real problems.

🛠️ To learn how to program, it is important to learn the fundamentals of coding.

💻 Python is a beginner-friendly coding language to start with, but JavaScript is also a viable option.

00:04:03 Learn to code starting with basic concepts and building a website using a high-level language like Python or JavaScript for the back-end and utilizing JavaScript, HTML, and CSS for the front-end.

💡 Focus on learning basic coding concepts like exceptions and recursion.

🌐 Start by building a basic website, understanding the three important aspects: back end, front end, and database.

🔧 Choose a high-level language for the back end, like Python or JavaScript, and utilize JavaScript for both front end and back end.

00:05:18 A video on the best tools and frameworks for learning to code, with a focus on Python, Django, Flask, Express.js, and React. Also discusses the importance of learning C and C++.

Using existing tools and frameworks can make coding easier.

Recommended frameworks: Python with either Django or Flask, Express.js for backend, React for frontend, and MongoDB for database.

Learning C and C++ is beneficial for understanding other programming languages.

Start with building simple and useful projects instead of complex ones.

00:06:38 Learn how to code effectively by selecting personalized coding projects and following tutorials to build similar but unique projects.

🎵 The speaker shares their experience of using Python to create a program that allows them to download music for free using Spotify and YouTube APIs.

🔨 The speaker emphasizes the importance of finishing projects and building something unique and useful for oneself.

📚 The speaker suggests following tutorials to learn coding, but encourages modifying the project to make it unique and not simply copying the tutorial solution.

00:07:59 Learn the fundamentals of coding, especially C and C++, as they form the basis for most other languages. Expect to experience doubt and imposter syndrome, but know that you can overcome it. Participate in hackathons for hands-on learning and exposure to new concepts. Prioritize learning how to code before attempting to program.

⭐️ Don't underestimate the fundamentals of C and C++. Most other languages are subsets of these languages.

📉 Expect to experience the Dunning-Kruger effect when learning a new skill.

💡 Participating in hackathons can expose you to new knowledge and help you build projects quickly.

Summary of a video "How I would learn to code (If I could start over)" by Jason Goodison on YouTube.

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