Devastating Floods Hit Istanbul, Turkey After Heavy Rains and Earthquake

Istanbul faces severe flooding after heavy rains, with more expected. Authorities issue alerts and support to mitigate damage. Turkey crippled after earthquake and mountain-like floods.

00:00:03 Heavy rains cause severe flooding in Istanbul, Turkey, with warnings of more to come. Authorities are issuing alerts to citizens and providing support and guidance to mitigate damage.

🌧️ Heavy rainstorms hit Ankara, Istanbul, and several other provinces in Turkey.

💦 Flooding occurred in Istanbul after continuous heavy rainfall.

⚠️ Emergency warnings were issued to citizens about the severe weather conditions.

00:01:07 Turkey crippled! After the earthquake, a mountain-like flood surprises people! Istanbul has never seen such floods before.

⚠️ The Turkish authorities have issued repeated warnings to residents about heavy rain and flooding.

🚧 Unprepared citizens have sought shelter in various areas of Istanbul, including bus stations and shop canopies.

🌧️ The meteorological department has advised people to take precautions due to the potential risks of flooding, lightning, and road closures.

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