[Road to 10K: Masterplan for Coaches and Consultants] - Common Problems and Solutions in Creating Offers

Learn how to create effective offers and deliver value to your customers. Avoid excessive customer support and limit communication options. Build a coaching platform from scratch with video content, small group sessions, and on-demand support.

00:00:01 Discover the most common problems in creating offers. Learn how to structure your offer effectively and focus on delivering value to your customers.

🔑 The video discusses the common problems in creating offers and emphasizes the need to focus on bringing value to customers for better sales.

💡 The speaker advises against worrying about adding too much to an offer and instead encourages a mindset of fulfilling the purpose of bringing people from Point A to Point B.

💰 The video highlights the importance of providing valuable content to customers and how it can lead to successful sales and a happy customer base.

00:01:05 The video discusses the negative impact of excessive customer support and the benefits of limiting communication options.

📚 The more support a customer receives, the less they actually utilize it.

📞 Limiting customer access to support leads to frustration and unanswered questions.

💯 Customers who have abundant opportunities to ask questions tend to be the happiest.

00:02:09 Creating a coaching platform with video content, small group sessions, and on-demand support for clients starting from scratch.

📚 Having a video platform as a source of knowledge and a small group coaching session are important elements of a coaching setup.

📞 Being able to call for help whenever a problem arises is crucial in providing a valuable coaching service.

🚀 For beginners, starting with one-on-one meetings, phone availability, and WhatsApp support is a simple yet effective way to begin coaching.

00:03:13 The video discusses the common problems with offers and emphasizes the continuous improvement and optimization process to achieve perfection.

There is no perfect offer; it is a continuous process of improvement and optimization.

Focus on simplicity and ease to make your offer appealing.

Highlight guarantees to attract potential clients.

Summary of a video "2.3 Die häufigsten Probleme mit Angeboten - [Road to 10K: Masterplan für Coaches und Berater]" by Janik Bickel on YouTube.

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