Understanding the Chemistry System in FIFA 23 and Building Versatile Teams

Learn about the changes in chemistry and how to maximize it in FIFA 23, with new rules for positions and boosts. Build versatile teams for enhanced gameplay.

00:00:00 Discover how the chemistry in FIFA 23 has changed, with new rules for player positions and individual chemistry boosts. Loyalty no longer required.

🔍 The chemistry system in FIFA 23 has changed.

🔄 Position no longer affects chemistry, players from the same team or nationality will have chemistry regardless of their position on the field.

Players can have a maximum of three chemistry points, which determine the boost in their stats.

🚫 Team chemistry no longer exists, chemistry is now individual for each player.

The concept of player loyalty has been removed, players are now loyal from the beginning.

00:01:17 Learn how the new chemistry works in FIFA 23. Players can gain a maximum of three chemistry points to boost their attributes. They must be in their position to accumulate these points. Position compatibility is crucial when signing players to ensure chemistry absorption.

🔑 Players can now gain a maximum of three chemistry points to boost their attributes.

🔄 Players must be in their designated position to earn chemistry points.

⚠️ It is important to consider a player's primary and secondary positions before recruiting them for your team.

00:02:35 How the chemistry system in FIFA 23 works and how players can improve their chemistry through leagues, nationalities, and clubs.

💡 If a player does not fit into your team due to their position or alternate positions, you can choose to replace the player or change your formation.

🔄 Changing formations may disrupt team balance, so it is important to consider the value and transferability of the player before making a decision.

🔬 Chemistry between players is determined by their league, nationality, and club, with additional chemistry points earned by including players from the same championship.

00:03:51 Learn how player nationality, league, and club can affect chemistry in FIFA 23. Combining all three provides versatility and ease in team-building.

Having players from the same country in your team gives you chemistry points.

🏆 Combining players from the same club and country gives you the strongest chemistry.

🔢 To maximize chemistry, combine players from the same club, country, and league.

00:05:09 Understand the chemistry mechanics in FIFA 23. Build teams with players from the same league, nationality, and club to maximize chemistry points.

🔑 Combining players from the same league or nationality to maximize chemistry.

Adding a player from a different league or nationality to start a new chemistry path.

🌍 Creating a team with players from different leagues and nationalities for maximum chemistry.

00:06:25 Discover the new chemistry system in FIFA 23. Learn how players' chemistry works, including substitutions and the impact of icons and heroes.

🔑 Players on the bench in FIFA 23 have the same chemistry as indicated on their card, even if they start with different tactics.

💎 Icons and heroes in FIFA 23 have increased value and provide three points of chemistry automatically if they are in their primary or secondary positions.

⚽️ Considering secondary positions when choosing players can help maximize team chemistry.

00:07:43 Discover how the new chemistry in FIFA 23 works and how it can enhance your gameplay. Learn how to maximize the use of this powerful feature.

🎮 FIFA 23 introduces a new chemistry system.

🤝 The new chemistry system allows for more flexibility in team composition.

Players can now include previously restricted Saudi league players in their team.


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